Revived Witch Tuonel Wiki Guide

Tuonel is one of the UR-grade characters in the Revived Witch game. Read on for Revived Witch Tuonel; get to know her strengths, skill details, and more. 

Revived Witch Tuonel Guide

Revived Witch Tuonel Wiki Guide⇓

  • Name: Tuonel
  • Grade: UR
  • Title: Hybrid Healer
  • Class: Healer
  • Saltstone
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: February 1st
  • Height: 149 CM
  • Weight: N/A
  • Hobby: Treating the injured, sewing, and gardening

Revived Witch Tuonel⇓

Tuonel is known for her healing and support knack. Thanks to the skills that she possesses, Tuonel can heal the friendly units aka allies, and protect them by granting the barrier shield. She can also increase the ATK of other dolls. 

Revived Witch Tuonel Skills⇓

Revived Witch Tuonel has three skills; Equal Healing, Forbidden Dark Moon, and Child of Taboo. In this part, we are going to explain all these skills; 

Equal Healing Skill⇓

With this skill, Tuonel in Revived Witch casts AoE healing skill; it heals all the allies and grants them a protection shield. 

  • Tuonel heals all friendly units for 160% of Tuonel’s ATK and gives them a protective shield with the same stat for 5s.

Forbidden Dark Moon Skill⇓

With this skill, Tuonel heals all allies and put Nightwish on them. Allies with Nightwish get ATK DMG Boost. 

  • Tuonel heals all friendly units for 50% of Tuonel’s ATK per second for 10s and places Nightwish on them for 10s. Nightwish: Raises Dolls’ ATK by 40% of Tuonel’s ATK and DMG dealt by 15%

Child of Taboo Skill⇓

Passive helps you gain chaos energy every x2 seconds. 

Also, see – 

So that covers the Revived Witch Tuonel Guide Wiki. 

Revived Witch Tuonel Story⇓

Backstory 1
This wallflower-like girl wields a huge wand that is completely at odds with her petite frame.

She not only is proficient in common healing magic, but also can use the forbidden magic that’s only known by Night Clan. She can cure wounds that are seemingly incurable for others.

However, when pressed, Tuonel always avoids talking about this with a stammer.

Backstory 2
Tuonel was the black sheep of her family.

Her mother, the youngest daughter of the most powerful family in Chilora, accidentally saved a fallen angel that was wounded.

She fell in love with him and gave birth to an illegitimate child – Tuonel.

Her family disowned her and drove her out of the house.

Backstory 3
This little abandoned girl wandered alone until she was accepted by the Fallen Angels and eventually integrated into the Night Clan.

Unlike the rest of the clansmen, this descendant of a fallen angel never uses the life-siphoning magic.

She heals all those injured equally, whether human or not, while others look on in amazement.

Backstory 4
She was reluctant to talk about her early childhood in Chilora or to reveal why she came to Cassiel, but the villagers kindly accepted her.

As an apothecary, she enthusiastically helped the villagers and gradually integrated into their daily life. Tuonel eagers for a friend, and Nemesi is always the top one on her willing-to-be-friend list.

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