A Bizarre Universe Trello Link & Discord(Official) [March 2024]

Read on for A Bizarre Universe Trello Link & Wiki. Learn everything you must be familiar with A Bizarre Universe Trello. 

A Bizarre Universe Trello

A Bizarre Universe Trello & Wiki

Most Roblox games have a Trello, an official one made by developers to help the players understand the game’s basics and cover every aspect of the game; better than one could cover in a WIKI. A Bizarre Universe Trello is also available. Thanks to devs, A Bizarre Universe Trello has been made available to all the players. Devs may share the guides, tips, tier lists, and more info on their official Discord as well. 

A Bizarre Universe Trello & Wiki: Intro

A Bizarre Universe Trello covers everything you need to know about the GAME CONCEPT, controls, bosses, abilities, map, NPCs, in-game items, currencies, weapons, game updates, and skills of all types like melee and ranged, buffs, debuffs, and much more.

A Bizarre Universe Trello Link & Wiki

Below we have shared the A Bizarre Universe Trello Link(Official One)—

A Bizarre Universe Trello Official: https://trello.com/b/WC3WKwEk/a-bizarre-universe

Codes; https://www.mrguider.org/roblox/a-bizarre-universe-codes-wiki

Official Discord; https://discord.com/invite/svMv56cngv

A Bizarre Universe Trello Link & Wiki: Guide For Beginners

Your main objective in this game is to get the best stands. You will first obtain a stand arrow; the stand arrow is the most prominent item in the game. Earn money and buy these arrows, or you can obtain other in-game items that power up the stand. 


Ctrl/Double W-Sprint Key

Ctrl/Shift Shift lock Key

[Combat] Click/M1, M2

[Stand/Style Skills] Use These Keys; E,R,T,C,V,X

[Dash] Q Key  in any direction

[Summon Stand] Z Key

[Block] F Key

[Menu] M Key

Also, see – Da Hood Codes

So that’s all we got in this post on A Bizarre Universe Trello. 

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