Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Fly? [February 2024]

Read on for Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Fly?

Anime Fighting Simulator X How To Fly
Anime Fighting Simulator X – How To Fly

Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Fly?

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, flying is a thrilling feature that certain mounts offer to players. To experience the joy of flying, you’ll need to have a mount that has the ability to fly, such as the Flame Flight mount. Here’s how you can take to the skies in the game:

1. Acquire a Flying Mount: First, you must obtain a mount that is capable of flying. There are various mounts available in the game, and some of them possess the special ability to take flight. Look for mounts with flying capabilities, like the Flame Flight mount, in the game’s shop or through other means.

2. Equip the Flying Mount: Once you have acquired a flying mount, you need to equip it. On a PC, you can do this by using the left control key. Press and hold the left control key to mount the flying mount and prepare for takeoff.

3. Soar Through the Skies: With your flying mount equipped, you are now ready to take flight. Use the space bar to alternate between ground and flying modes. Press the space bar while on the ground to lift off into the air and begin your flying adventure.

4. Enjoy the Freedom of Flight: Once in the air, you can explore the game world from a whole new perspective. Flying allows you to traverse the map more quickly, discover hidden locations, and enjoy breathtaking views of the game’s scenery.

Flying adds a fantastic element of freedom and exploration to Anime Fighting Simulator X. It not only enhances the gameplay experience but also opens up new possibilities for players as they navigate the anime-inspired world with ease and excitement. So, keep an eye out for those special flying mounts and prepare to soar through the skies like a true anime hero!

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