Arcane Odyssey Earth Magic Guide [February 2024]

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Arcane Odyssey Earth Magic Guide

  • Status Effect Highlights: Bleeding

The Bleeding status effect is a potent debuff that causes damage to the target over a period of several seconds. It ranks high in the Arcane Odyssey Tier List, with above-average damage output. It synergizes particularly well with Glass magic, which is recommended for use alongside Bleeding. Magma and Sand magic also has good synergy with Bleeding.

Earth magic is a powerful offensive option with a significant clash advantage over many other magic types. It boasts an impressive 15 advantages and only 3 disadvantages. Earth magic has a 1.7x clash advantage over Wind magic, making it an excellent choice against Wind users. It also has a 1.6x clash advantage against Glass magic, which is a notable synergy for Bleeding users.

Additionally, Earth magic has a 1.5x clash advantage over Water magic, making it a strong option against Water users. It also has a 1.3x clash advantage over Acid, Light, Fire, and Snow magic. With a 1.2x clash advantage over Crystal, Ice, Sand, Shadow, Poison, and Plasma magic, Earth magic proves itself a reliable choice against a wide range of magic types.

While Earth magic is neutral against Explosion magic, it does have a 0.7x clash disadvantage against Metal magic. Earth magic also has a 0.9x clash disadvantage against Lightning magic and an 0.8x clash disadvantage against Magma magic.

Other Magics:

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