Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide

Read on for Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide.

Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey Water Magic Guide

  • Status Effect: SOAKED

Water Magic is a formidable power in Arcane Odyssey, ranking at an average level of damage. Its status effect, SOAKED, is a potent ability that drenches targets and renders them vulnerable to Water-based magic. Moreover, the soaked targets generate water puddles that can be manipulated by other types of magic. Additionally, when the water puddles are struck by Lightning, they become electrified, leading to increased damage, an electric noise, and extended duration.

Water Magic has excellent synergies with Ice and Snow Magic, making them a potent combination. Lightning Magic is also a good match for Water Magic, resulting in an electrifying combination.

In terms of clashing power, Water Magic has six advantages and nine disadvantages. Water magic has a significant advantage with a 1.5x clash against Fire Magic and Lightning Magic. It also has a 1.2x advantage against Magma Magic and Plasma Magic, and a 1.1x advantage against Ash Magic and Sand Magic. However, it is neutral against Light Magic, Wind Magic, Shadow Magic, and Poison Magic.

Water Magic has a few disadvantages in clashing power, including a 0.9x clash disadvantage against Snow Magic, 0.8x clash disadvantage against Acid Magic, and 0.7x clash disadvantage against Explosion Magic and Glass Magic. It also has a 0.6x clash disadvantage against Crystal Magic, a 0.5x clash disadvantage against Wood Magic and Ice Magic, a 0.25x clash disadvantage against Earth Magic, and a 0.2x clash disadvantage against Metal Magic.

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