Astro Renaissance Codes Wiki: Moonstones, Tickets & More [April 2024]

Read on for Astro Renaissance Wiki for codes. A complete list of all new Astro Renaissance Codes Roblox to redeem in the Roblox.

Astro Renaissance Codes Wiki Roblox [NEW]

Astro Renaissance Wiki For Codes

Published by Comet Studios, Astro Renaissance is a Roblox game.  

In this post, we will share the Astro Renaissance Codes Roblox. Please bookmark this page and visit this page often for the latest list of working codes.

  • We checked for new Astro Renaissance Codes on April 9, 2024. 

Astro Renaissance Codes Wiki Roblox

Working Codes FOR Astro Renaissance:

  • ThankYou! – Redeem code for rewards
  • LAGstro – Redeem code for rewards
  • Glitched – Redeem code for rewards
  • Kicked – Redeem code for rewards
  • BeAstro – Redeem code for rewards
  • AR1YEAR – Redeem code for rewards
  • NAID – Redeem code for 5k Tickets
  • WAVE2 – Redeem code for 2.5k Tickets
  • EFFLORESSENCE – Redeem code for 5,000 Moonstones

Astro Renaissance Codes [eXPIRED]

The Astro Renaissance Codes Roblox will work for only a specific period. The following codes are now not working anymore; 

  • VOID – Redeem code for 5,000 Moonstones
  • WELCOMEBACK – Redeem code for rewards
  • ASTRO2023 – Redeem code for 45K Moonstones (Added on February 21st, 2023)
  • WELCOMEBACK – Redeem code for rewards (Added on February 21st, 2023)
  • PRIDE2023 – Redeem code for rewards (Added on June 4th, 2023)

How To Redeem Astro Renaissance Codes Roblox?

It’s straightforward to redeem Astro Renaissance Codes Roblox. Click on the Twitter Bird/code button on the side of the screen -> enter the code and get the rewards.  

You will get to choose to redeem the codes. Enter the code and get the rewards. If the code is active, you shall receive the rewards immediately. Also, ensure the code is appropriately entered, as some codes are case-sensitive. If the code is inactive, the game will show you a message saying that the code is expired or not available. 

Astro Renaissance Game Description

Embark on a celestial adventure in Astro Renaissance, the enchanting Roblox game that propels you into a universe of wonder and magic. Utilize your Moonstones wisely at the Astral Shop to unlock a treasure trove of exclusive items, adding a touch of cosmic flair to your interstellar journey.

Dive into the cosmos as you unlock thrilling quests, traversing magical planets teeming with secrets waiting to be unveiled. Each exploration promises a new frontier, a new chapter in the vast cosmic tapestry that unfolds before you.

Feel the heartbeat of Citadel, the cosmic epicenter, as you shower it with affection. Your love fuels the power within, making Citadel more stable and radiantly vibrant. Watch as your devotion transforms this celestial hub into a beacon of brilliance, casting its glow across the astral expanse.

Astro Renaissance isn’t just a game; it’s a celestial odyssey where Moonstones, quests, and the heart of Citadel converge to create an immersive experience. Join the cosmic journey, unlock the mysteries of magical planets, and contribute to the brilliance of Citadel in this captivating Roblox escapade. The stars await your presence – shine on!

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