Blade Ball Forcefield Ability Guide[February 2024]

Read on for the Blade Ball Forcefield Ability Guide.

Blade Ball Forcefield Ability Guide
Blade Ball Forcefield Ability Guide

Blade Ball Forcefield Ability Guide

Introducing the “Forcefield Ability” in Blade Ball, a powerful skill that enables your character to conjure a protective energy barrier, automatically deflecting the ball for the duration of its activation.

Acquisition and Upgrades:

– Base Level (2,000 Coins): The Forcefield Ability can be unlocked for 2,000 Coins. This initial investment grants your character the remarkable power to manifest a protective forcefield, ensuring that the ball is automatically deflected away from you during its activation. This skill is ideal for defense and securing your position on the battlefield.

– First Upgrade (1,000 Coins): To further bolster the effectiveness of your Forcefield, the first upgrade is available for 1,000 Coins. This upgrade extends the duration and strengthens the deflection capabilities of your forcefield, providing even more reliable protection against the ball’s onslaught.

– Second Upgrade (2,000 Coins): For those committed to mastering the Forcefield Ability, the second upgrade can be acquired for 2,000 Coins. At this advanced level, your Forcefield reaches its zenith, offering the longest duration and the most potent ball deflection capabilities. You become an impervious fortress, capable of withstanding the ball’s attacks with ease.

Total Investment (5,000 Coins): To unlock the full potential of the Forcefield Ability, a cumulative expenditure of 5,000 Coins is required. This significant investment ensures that you can wield this skill to its maximum capacity, transforming you into a formidable defensive force on the Blade Ball battlefield.

It’s important to note that the Forcefield Ability is less effective during Standoff situations, where its defensive capabilities are weakened.

In Blade Ball, the Forcefield Ability redefines your role on the battlefield, allowing you to take on a defensive stance and protect your territory effectively. As you progress and invest in upgrades, your character becomes a nearly impregnable bastion, capable of repelling the ball’s attacks and securing victory for your team.

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