Blade Ball Platform Ability Guide[February 2024]

Read on for the Blade Ball Platform Ability Guide.

Blade Ball Platform Ability Guide
Blade Ball Platform Ability Guide

Blade Ball Platform Ability Guide

Introducing the “Platform Ability” in Blade Ball, a unique skill that grants your character the power to fashion sturdy platforms from the very earth beneath them, elevating you to lofty heights in the game’s skyward realms.

Acquisition and Upgrades:

– Base Level (450 Coins): The Platform Ability becomes accessible for 450 Coins. This initial investment unlocks the ability to craft earthy platforms, giving you an advantage by enabling high-altitude positioning and strategic maneuvering.

– First Upgrade (225 Coins): To further refine your platform-construction skills, the first upgrade is available for a reasonable 225 Coins. This upgrade augments the stability and effectiveness of your created platforms, making them even more dependable for your tactical use.

– Second Upgrade (450 Coins): For players committed to mastering the Platform Ability, the second upgrade can be acquired for 450 Coins. This advanced level of proficiency ensures that your platform creation reaches its zenith, allowing you to craft resilient platforms that can take you to unprecedented heights.

Total Investment (1,125 Coins): To unlock the full potential of the Platform Ability, a cumulative expenditure of 1,125 Coins is required. This substantial investment ensures that you can expertly wield this skill, creating robust platforms that elevate you to strategic vantage points high in the sky.

In Blade Ball, the Platform Ability introduces a unique dimension to your gameplay, enabling you to gain the upper hand through clever platform construction and positioning. As you progress and invest in upgrades, your ability to craft sturdy platforms becomes an invaluable asset, ensuring that you can reach new heights and outmaneuver your rivals in the pursuit of victory.

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