Dragon Soul Codes Wiki Roblox [December 2023]

Read on for Dragon Soul Wiki for codes. A complete list of all new Dragon Soul Codes Roblox to redeem in the Roblox.

Dragon Soul Codes Wiki Roblox [NEW]
Dragon Soul Codes
Dragon Soul Wiki For Codes⇓

Published by Novaly, Dragon Soul is a Roblox game.

In this post, we will share the Dragon Soul Codes Roblox. Please bookmark this page and visit it often for the latest list of working codes.

We checked for new Dragon Soul Codes. As soon as a new code comes up, we will add it to the code list below. 

Dragon Soul Codes Wiki Roblox

Active Dragon Soul Codes:

  • 160klikes – Redeem code for free rewards (Added on November 19th, 2023)
  • 125klikes – Redeem code for Mastery boost 1 hr (Added on September 3rd, 2023)
  • 100klikes – Redeem code for rewards (Added on August 13th, 2023)
  • RADRIBBON – Redeem code for rewards (Added on May 27th, 2023)
  • dragonsoul – Redeem code for X3-hour of 30% XP Boost (Added on January 28th, 2023)

Expired Dragon Soul Codes

The Dragon Soul Codes Roblox will work for only a specific period. The following codes are now not working anymore; 

  • 8KLIKES – Redeem code for rewards (Added on May 6th, 2023)

Game Description:

Welcome to Roblox Dragon Soul, an exciting open-world RPG fighting game inspired by the legendary Dragon Ball series! While still in its demo stage, Dragon Soul aims to deliver an immersive experience filled with epic battles and anime-inspired gameplay. Note that the game is currently 40% complete, with an alpha release on the horizon, and a mobile version in development.

To navigate this extraordinary world, familiarize yourself with the controls:
– Press M to access the menu, where you can manage your character’s abilities and inventory.
– Use E to lock onto a target, ensuring precise and focused combat.
– Tap R to transform into a more powerful form, and hold R to revert to your base state.
– Click to unleash punches and engage in close-quarter combat.
– Charge your ki energy by pressing C, enabling you to perform devastating special attacks.
– Utilize F to block incoming attacks, effectively defending yourself in battles.
– Take flight by double-tapping the spacebar, using Shift to increase your flying speed and Control to descend.
– Unleash explosive ki blasts by pressing V, further enhancing your offensive capabilities.
– Execute swift movements by pressing Q after using your abilities, allowing you to teleport behind your target and gain a tactical advantage.

Dragon Soul encourages players to immerse themselves in the game’s world, embracing the thrilling battles and immersive RPG elements. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Dragon Balls, which will undoubtedly introduce exciting new mechanics and adventures.

Whether you’re an anime enthusiast or a fan of intense RPG combat, Dragon Soul promises an unforgettable experience. Prepare to unleash your inner warrior, dive into thrilling battles, and embark on an extraordinary journey in the world of Dragon Soul!

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