Fire Force Online Augments [FFO] Augments – Perks & Abilities [February 2024]

Read on for Fire Force Online Augments [FFO] Augments – Perks & Abilities.

Fire Force Online Augments [FFO] Augments – Perks & Abilities
Fire Force Online Augments [FFO] Augments – Perks & Abilities

Fire Force Online Augments [FFO] Augments – Perks & Abilities

Fire Force Online [FFO] is an online role-playing game heavily inspired by the popular Shonen anime “Fire Force.” Developed by a team of creative minds, the game immerses players in the captivating world of flames and abilities. Augments, rare items in FFO, play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay by amplifying flame power and adding passive attributes to abilities.

How To Get Augments In Fire Force Online [FFO]?

Acquiring Augments is a challenge, as they can only be obtained through victories in turf wars. These victories signify the player’s strength and proficiency in battles, making Augments highly coveted among the FFO community. Augments are not just a means of showcasing power; they offer tangible benefits to players, such as health recovery, extended stun duration, and slightly increased damage, among others.

Infernals, a unique faction in FFO, gain access to Augments that enhance their primary and secondary attack modes. These enhancements go beyond superficial cosmetic changes, providing Infernals with additional utility and strength in battles. As players continue to master their flame abilities and progress in the game, obtaining Augments becomes an essential milestone in their journey to becoming true fire forces.

**The Enigmatic Life Stealers Augment:**

The Life Stealers Augment is a sought-after addition to any player’s arsenal. Upon activation, the Augment changes the hue of the player’s flames to a vivid red, adding a touch of mystique to their abilities. Moreover, it bestows the player’s abilities with a unique passive trait – healing a small amount of health with every successful strike on an opponent. This life-stealing effect adds a tactical advantage, allowing players to sustain themselves in prolonged battles.

**The Brilliant Azure Flame Augment:**

With the Azure Flame Augment, players witness their flames transform into a dazzling shade of blue. This augmentation not only elevates the visual appeal of abilities but also inflicts additional overtime fire damage on opponents. When combined with thunder abilities, the Azure Flame Augment modifies the flames to emit purple lightning, providing a mesmerizing display of power.

**The Electrifying Thunder Augment:**

The Thunder Augment is a vibrant enhancement that brightens the player’s fire or lightning to a striking yellow tone. This augmentation incorporates an extended stun effect, rendering opponents temporarily incapacitated. The electrifying power of this Augment ensures that foes remain subdued, offering an opportunity for players to strategize and capitalize on the moment.

**The Enigmatic Reverse Augment:**

Emulating the mysterious abilities of the Naruto character Pain, the Reverse Augment is a unique enhancement that transforms flames into a clear white. When triggered, this Augment applies an effect for a short duration, surprising opponents by pulling them towards the player instead of the conventional knockback. This unexpected twist creates tactical opportunities for players to manipulate their opponents’ movements.

**The Chilling Frost Augment:**

The Frost Augment envelops the player’s flames in a bright white hue, introducing an intriguing effect that drastically slows down the opponent’s movement. While running is significantly impeded, dashing and walking remain possible, leaving opponents in a chilling predicament. The Frost Augment offers a strategic advantage in controlling the battlefield.

**The Explosive Detonation Augment:**

The Detonation Augment introduces a thrilling element to players’ abilities by marking the target for an explosion after a brief delay. Approximately two seconds after activation, the explosion occurs, potentially hitting the player or other opponents nearby. Furthermore, if the explosion triggers a chain reaction, a series of fiery blasts may unfold, creating chaos on the battlefield. Players can block this explosion, adding an element of tactical play.

**The Energizing Energy Syphon Augment:**

The Energy Syphon Augment is a comprehensive package that provides a substantial advantage to players. When employed, this Augment drains energy from the target and transfers it to the player, revitalizing their own abilities. In addition to its powerful effect, the Energy Syphon Augment transforms the player’s flames into a vibrant lime green, symbolizing the influx of newfound energy.

**The Poisonous Poison Augment:**

The Poison Augment infuses the player’s flames with a vibrant neon green hue. When triggered, it leaves behind a small area of effect (AOE) poison vortex that gradually inflicts incremental damage over time on opponents within its range. Furthermore, if the Poison Augment triggers multiple times, the poisonous effects stack, exponentially increasing the damage dealt.

**The Unpredictable Probability Augment:**

As its name suggests, the Probability Augment is an enigmatic addition to FFO. It provides the opportunity for every Augment in the game to trigger, creating an unpredictable mix of effects. When activated, flames will display a bright color corresponding to each active Augment, showcasing the potential for various combinations of powers.

In Fire Force Online, Augments are more than just rare items; they are catalysts that elevate players’ gameplay experience, offering both cosmetic and tactical enhancements. Players who obtain these powerful Augments showcase their prowess in battles and turf wars, truly embodying the essence of being a formidable fire force.

Players who set their sights on obtaining Augments must rise to the challenge and prove their mettle on the battlefield. Victory in turf wars becomes the gateway to unlocking these enhancements, signaling the player’s journey toward becoming the ultimate fire force in the immersive world of Fire Force Online. So this would be all in this post on Fire Force Online Augments. 

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