How To Get Shusui Sword In Roblox Haze Piece?

Read on for How To Get Shusui Sword In Roblox Haze Piece?

How To Get Shusui Sword In Roblox Haze Piece?

Players can get Shusui Sword by eliminating the Ryummy Boss on Thriller Island. There is a 5% chance of getting the Shusui sword when you defeat the Ryummy boss. You can check the boss drops here

Shusui Sword
Shusui Sword
Thriller Island in the top-left corner – ???

Complete Guide:

Acquiring the Shusui Sword in Haze Piece: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re eager to wield the powerful Shusui sword in Haze Piece, follow these steps to embark on a thrilling adventure and face the formidable Boss, Ryummy:

1. Navigate to Thriller Island:
Head towards Thriller Island, the mysterious Level ??? island situated to the north of Bubble Island and east of Impel Jail. You can locate it on your in-game map.

2. Locate Ryummy, the Boss:
On Thriller Island, seek out Ryummy, the challenging Boss who guards the coveted Shusui sword. Ryummy is formidable, boasting a level of 2150.

3. Prepare for Battle:
Given the high level of both Thriller Island (2050) and Ryummy (2150), ensure that you’re adequately prepared for the fierce encounter. Stock up on supplies, level up your character, and gather powerful gear.

4. Engage in Battle:
Confront Ryummy in a fierce battle. You need to deal at least 20% of the Boss’s health in damage to be eligible for rewards.

5. Claim Your Reward:
With a 5% chance, Ryummy may drop the Shusui sword upon defeat. Additionally, you might obtain the Blue Scarf as part of the loot.

6. Use Shusui’s Moves:
Once you’ve acquired the Shusui sword, familiarize yourself with its devastating moves:
– Z: Thrust Barrage (Sword Level 50): Unleash a barrage of forward-piercing strikes.
– X: Star Impact (Sword Level 50): Execute ultra-fast attacks with a teleportation effect, culminating in a powerful explosion.

Remember to strategize, collaborate with friends, and approach the battle with confidence. The Shusui sword is a prized possession, and wielding it will undoubtedly enhance your capabilities in the immersive world of Haze Piece.

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