How To Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X[March 2024]

Read on for How To Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

How To Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X
How To Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X

How To Obtain Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

Acquiring Devil Fruits in Anime Fighting Simulator X (AFSX) is a crucial aspect of enhancing your character’s abilities and gameplay. There are two main methods to obtain these powerful fruits, each offering distinct advantages:

1. **Purchasing Devil Fruits:**
– In AFSX, one way to obtain Devil Fruits is through purchasing them with Robux from the in-game Shop.
– To initiate this, navigate to the Shop section and locate the category that displays the various rarities of Devil Fruits.
– Among the array of options, two of the most exceptional and potent fruits are the Mira and Ice fruits. These can be acquired by spending 200 Robux.
– After making your purchase, proceed to the “specials” menu. Here, you’ll find an option to “equip” the acquired fruit. Consuming the fruit will then activate its unique abilities, granting you a significant edge in battles and challenges.

2. **Discovering Devil Fruits in the Game World:**
– For players who prefer not to utilize Robux, there’s an alternative method to find Devil Fruits within the expansive game world.
– One effective strategy involves using your mount to explore the map. Focus your exploration around areas with trees and other notable landmarks.
– As you traverse the game world, you’ll receive a helpful notification whenever a Devil Fruit spawns. This feature simplifies the process of locating these fruits during your adventures.
– Additionally, to enhance your ability to locate fruits, you can consider acquiring the Fruit Tracker game pass. While this pass provides exact fruit locations, some players find it unnecessary, as fruits can be discovered through natural exploration.

Crucial Tips for Devil Fruit Acquisition:
– Keep an eye out for glowing Devil Fruits when they spawn. This visual effect makes the fruits more conspicuous, facilitating their identification.
– Devil Fruits appear approximately every 30 minutes[no fixed time], giving you regular opportunities to find and acquire them.
– Once you possess a Devil Fruit and have activated its unique abilities, you can further enhance your prowess by leveling up through the process of “farming Mastery.”
– Mastery refers to the improvement and leveling of abilities by defeating NPCs (non-player characters) or formidable bosses within the game.
– The specific abilities accessible to you are contingent on the type of Devil Fruit you possess and your current level of Mastery.

In Anime Fighting Simulator X, obtaining and utilizing Devil Fruits is a key strategy for enhancing your combat effectiveness and achieving mastery over various abilities. Whether you choose to purchase these fruits or discover them through exploration, the power they bestow can greatly influence your journey through the exciting and dynamic virtual world.

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