How to Obtain the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball [December 2023]

Read on for how to Obtain the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball.

How to Obtain the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball
How to Obtain the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball

Blade Ball Infinity Ability

The Infinity Ability in Blade Ball serves as a valuable defensive skill. When activated, it manifests an aura that temporarily locks the ball in place if it collides with your character. This essentially grants you a free hit and prevents your character from being eliminated.

This unique ability not only provides a safety net but also can be used strategically to confuse opponents. They may wonder why you haven’t been eliminated and, in the process, allow you to unleash a swift counter-attack with the ball at high speed.

How to Obtain the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball?

The coveted Infinity Ability in Blade Ball can be acquired through either a paid method or a free method, each with its own set of requirements. Let’s delve into the details of both pathways:

Blade Ball Infinity Ability Paid Method

Ultimate Blade Pack Purchase: Begin by purchasing the Ultimate Blade Pack a total of six times. This pack contains both Basic Packs and Skill Packs, which are essential for unlocking the Infinity Ability.

Basic and Skill Packs: Inside the Ultimate Blade Pack, you’ll find two types of packs: Basic and Skill Packs. To reach the required count of six, you must purchase the Basic Pack three times and the Skill Pack three times.

Robux Spending: The Basic Pack costs 799 Robux, while the Skill Pack is priced at 2,999 Robux. You need to make these purchases to fill up the 0/6 green gauge located next to the Skill Pack in the Pack window.

Unlocking Infinity: Upon successfully purchasing these packs as per the requirements, you will unlock the coveted Infinity ability along with the exclusive Shattered Sword Skin.

Blade Ball Infinity Ability Free Method

Effect Bundle Wheel: The free method to obtain Infinity Ability relies heavily on luck and gameplay dedication. With the introduction of the 1.3 update, a new segment called “Effect Bundle” was added to the wheel.

Luck and Dedication: To earn the Infinity Ability for free, you must land on the “Effect Bundle” segment six times. Each landing mimics the effect of purchasing either the Basic or Skill pack bundle.

Daily Spins: You can earn one free daily spin by playing Blade Ball for approximately 40 minutes during a single session. Your chances of landing on “Effect Bundle” depend entirely on your luck.

Additional Spins: While you can purchase additional daily spins for 49 Robux each, it’s important to note that these involve spending Robux, which is Roblox’s virtual currency.

In summary, acquiring the Infinity Ability in Blade Ball requires either making specific purchases or relying on luck and dedication in the game. This ability can be a game-changer, offering both defensive and tactical advantages in the thrilling world of Blade Ball.

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