Pixel Piece Controls Guide Wiki[March 2024]

Read on for Pixel Piece controls guide.

Pixel Piece Controls

Pixel Piece Controls Guide Wiki

These are the Pixel Piece Controls: 

  • W/A/S/D – Use these keys for navigation. 
  • Block – Press the F key to block
  • Run – Press the left Shift key to walk fast or run
  • Dodge – Evade by pressing the Q key
  • Left-Click – Strike/ATK[Equip a weapon, otherwise fist melee]
  • 1 to 9 Keys – Use these keys to select an equipped item or for the melee ATK
  • Busoshoku – Press the J key for Busoshoku(form of Haki)
  • Kenbunshoku – Press the K key for Kenbunshoku(form of Haki)
  • Haoshoku – Press the H key for (a rare form of Haki)
  • Shift Lock – Press the Left Ctrl/Alt key for shift lock
  • Emotes – Press the B key for emotes
  • Menu – Launch the menu by pressing the M key
  • Camera Zoom In – Press the I key to zoom in
  • Camera Zoom Out – Press the O key to zoom out
  • Chat – Press the / key to open the chat

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So that covers the Pixel Piece Controls. 

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