Project Hero Wiki(NEW) [October 2023]

Our Project Hero Wiki covers information related to game controls, all abilities or quirk lists, and a guide on getting spins. Please check out this Project Hero Wiki! 

Project Hero Wiki

Project Hero Wiki⇓

Project Hero is published by the Atlas fan club on Roblox. The game is based on popular anime My Hero Academia and offers battle gameplay. In this post, we will be covering Project Hero Wiki. If you are looking for the codes, please check out Project Hero Codes Here

Project Hero Wiki: Quirks⇓

In Project Hero Roblox, Quirks are the special skills that you can get for your character. To get a Quirk or an ability, you need to navigate to the Quirk Lab, which should be located in the first city where you spawn. Once you are there, look for the large bright Quirk Lab sign symbol and go inside of the building. There you will need to talk to Groody and spin your quirk. NOTE: you lose the Quirk/ability that you currently have — so we don’t recommend spinning quirk unless you want to replace it!

If you want quirk spins for free, check out the Project Hero Codes

Project Hero Wiki: All Abilities or Quirks List⇓

Invisibility (Common)

This Quirk makes you invisible. By going invisible, you will be able to easily dodge attacks. It also has a special move that can make another player invisible. 

  • Z — Invis Cloak
  • X — Invisibility Aura
  • C — Warp Refraction

Acid (Uncommon)

This Quirk is for DoT – DMG Over Time

  • Z — Acid Shot
  • X — Acid Layback
  • C — Poisonous Snake
  • V — Acid Rain

Leech (Uncommon)

This quirk is for stealing HP, Stamina, etc. 

  • Z — Steal Health
  • X — Steal Stamina
  • C — Equalize Health
  • V — Swap Leech

Electricity (Rare)

This quirk lightning related;  

  • Z — Electric Bolt
  • X — Shockwave Stomp
  • C — Electric Eel
  • V — 2,000,000 Volt Discharge
  • B — Lightning Flash

Gravity (Rare)

This quirk is related to gravity and forces;  

  • Z — Heavy Rock
  • X — Multiple Rocks
  • C — Meteor Rush
  • V — Float Rush
  • B — Float Around

Explosion (Epic)

This quirk is for explosion or AoE; 

  • Z — Explosion Barrage
  • X — Jet Burst
  • C — Explosion Rush
  • V — Explosive Surge

Hellflame (Epic)

This quirk is flame related; 

  • Z — Flashfire Fist
  • X — Jet Burn
  • C — Flame Explosion
  • V — Hell Volley
  • B — Purgatory
  • R — Hells Doom

Muscle Augmentation (Epic)

This is a muscle oriented quirk; 

  • Z — Shockwave Punch
  • X — Augmentation Transform
  • C — Ground Smash
  • V — Muscled Flight
  • B — Leaping Smash

Half Hot, Half Cold (Legendary)

This quirk is for CC; helps you slow down the enemies using ice and fire skills; 

  • Z — Ice Spikes
  • X — Ice Slide
  • C — Ice Floor
  • V — Flame Fist
  • B — Flame Pillar
  • R — Flame Quake

One For All (Legendary)

The best quirk set in the game right now with extra ordinary abilities; 

  • Z — Delaware Smash
  • X — Detroit Smash
  • C — One For All Leap
  • V — Full Cowling
  • B — Manchester Smash
  • T — Texas Smash
  • E — Vanishing Drive
  • R — Delaware Smash Air Force
  • N — St. Louis Smash

Quirk Rarity Chances

Below is the rarity change chart showing the chances of getting quirk based on rarity; 

  • Common: X45% Chance
  • Uncommon: X30% Chance
  • Rare: X17.5% Chance
  • Epic: X6.5% Chance
  • Legendary: X1% Chance

Project Hero Wiki: Controls List⇓

  • W, A, S, D – Navigation Keys
  • 1 – 9 – To select a quirk or an item
  • Double Press W (Forward) – To Sprint
  • Q + W, A, S, or D – DASH, use it when going in a particular direction
  • Z, X, C, V, B, T, E, R, N – Unleash Quirk Abilities
  • E – Kick ATK in spinning mode
  • F – Block
  • G – Eliminate a downed player
  • M1 (Left-Click) – It’s for Basic Attack
  • Spacebar – Jump/Leap
  • Shift – Locks camera
  • M – Open or close the in-game menu
  • Mouse Wheel – Zoom in or out
  • O – Zoom out
  • I – Zoom In

Also, see – Project Hero Codes

So that’s all we got for Project Hero Wiki. 

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