Project New World Items & Accessories Guide [May 2024]

Read on for the Project New World items and accessories. A list of accessories and miscellaneous items and their effects or use. 

Project New World Items & Accessories Guide

Project New World Items & Accessories Guide

In Project New World, accessories have unique effects and can be acquired by eliminating the bosses. And the items, too, have certain uses. Before proceeding to the items and accessories guide, we suggest you check the Project New World codes, the tier list for fruits, Trello, Races, and the map

Project New World Items: Miscellaneous Items

TremorBeard Key

Players can acquire TremorBeard Key from Ice Admiral at Marine HQ. The drop rate is quite low, though, only 2.5%. 

USE: This key is necessary to summon Tremor Girl on Marine HQ. If you don’t have this key, you can’t summon Tremor Girl. 


You will find pumpkins on the starter island. Use: In one of the side quests, you will need pumpkins.

Side Quest: Gather X5 Pumpkins and take them to Poppy, the quest giver.

Barrel of Goods

You will obtain a Barrel of Goods from one of the side quests. The quest completes when you take it to the receiver in Logue Town.

Cold Bottle

  • You can sell it for $1k inside the New World Bar. The bar is located on Starter Island. Effect; heals some HP.

Cauldron(Large Pot)

  • Location: In the cave behind Marine Base Town. Tied with metal chains. 
  • Use: Throw a lava ore inside it, and the mace boss will spawn. Below we have shared information about Lava Ore. 

Lava Ore

  • Drop Rate: 2.5%. Acquisition; dropped by Marine Captain in Marine Base Town. 
  • Use:  Throw a lava ore inside the Cauldron to spawn mace boss. 

The Book

  • Dropped by Dual Swordsman in Logue City
  • Drop Rate: 10%
  • Use: Once acquired, visit Mr. White after buying 2 Sword Style, to get 2 Sword Style Version 2. 

Lava Key

  • How to obtain: The lava key spawns or is found on the table near Marine Base Town.
  • Use: A lava Key is required to unlock the caged door behind Marine Base Town.

White Orb

  • Dropped by; TremorGirl Superboss
  • Drop rate: 7.5%
  • Take it to Bella at Marine Head Quarters to receive Tremor Girl’s Cloak accessory.

Project New World Accessories


  • +Stamina
  • Dropped by Bandit Boss on the starter island

Clown Nose

  • + Health
  • Dropped by Clown Boss on Clown Island

Gold Pauldrons

  • Dropped by Krieg Boss at the Sea Restaurant
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + HP Regeneration, + Stamina

Red Glasses

  • Dropped by Tashii in Logue City
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + Stamina

Monkey Crown

  • Dropped by King Gorilla located in the tall woods
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + Health

Iron Jaw

  • Dropped by Marine Captain in Marine Base Town
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + Stamina, + HP Regeneration

Oversized Helmet

  • Dropped by Minotaur boss at The Three Islands
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + Stamina

Sleeping Mask

  • Dropped by Ice Admiral at Marine HQ
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • + Health

Green Bandana

  • Dropped by Dual Swordsman Superboss
  • Drop Rate: 5%
  • +Stamina, Sword DMG

Coded Mask

  • Dropped by Mace SuperBoss
  • Drop Rate: 15%
  • +Sword DMG, Health

Tremor Cloak

  • You can buy it from Bella. Location; Marine HQ.
  • +Health, + Fruit DMG

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