Underworld Realm Shops & Their Locations [March 2024]

Read on for Underworld Realm Shops & Their Locations.

Underworld Realm Shops & Their Locations
Underworld Realm Shops & Their Locations

Underworld Realm Shops & Their Locations

There are three main in-game shops in Underworld Realm Roblox. You can spend gold in these shops and buy valuable items. Each item has a unique non-negotiable price tag that you must pay if you want to acquire that item. In this article, we have listed all the shops, items you can buy from these shops, and how to reach these shops. Before you proceed further, make sure to redeem these Underworld Realm codes that grant freebies. And, if you are looking for Trello, you can check its link here[Underworld Realm Trello]. 

Underworld Realm Shops

  • Spider Bake Sale Shop
  • The Box Shop
  • Flowey’s Soul Gem Shop

Spider Bake Sale Shop

  • Location: Level 5+ room
  • Currency Required: Gold
  • Toy Knife: 135 Gold
  • Bandage: 30 Gold
  • Faded Ribbon: 90 Gold
  • Strings Spell: 58 Gold
  • Ruins Arena: 112 Gold
  • Diary: 167 Gold

The Box Shop

  • Location: Level 5+ room. 
  • The Box is where you can get arena skins to spice up your battle! To get an arena skin, simply use 1 key on the box!
  • Common: 40%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Epic: 20%
  • Legendary: 8%
  • Mythical: 2%

Flowey’s Soul Gem Shop

  • Location: right before Toriel’s house. Once you are at this point, please keep going forward, and you will eventually encounter Flowey. 
  • Currency Required: Soul Gems
  • Soul Sword: 100 Soul Gems
  • Vines Spell: 2 Soul Gemss
  • 3 Box Keys: 1 Soul Gem
  • 2 Soul Orbs: 1 Soul Gem

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