Lyfe Wild Hunt Build: Skills, Best Team [Snowbreak Wiki]

Read on for Lyfe Wild Hunt: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki].

Lyfe Wild Hunt
Lyfe Wild Hunt

Lyfe Wild Hunt Profile

  • Role: DPS, CC, Mob Striker. 
  • Range: Close-Range
  • Weapon Type: SMG[Sub-Machine Gun]
  • Grade: 5-Star

Lyfe Wild Hunt – Description

Lyfe – Wild Hunt Description: Lyfe, known as Wild Hunt, is a capable operative hindered by the limitations of her weapon class. Her strong skill damage and crowd control abilities make her excellent for mobbing, potentially even surpassing Coronet against groups of unarmored enemies. However, her damage potential diminishes significantly against distant or armored foes due to the SMG class’s high reflection rate, damage dropoff, and recoil inaccuracy. It’s unfortunate that these drawbacks prevent her from reaching her full DPS potential, which she could have achieved as an AR user. Even without manifests, Lyfe remains useful. However, manifest 1 marks a significant breakthrough in maintaining her skill uptime, and without it, she may drop to Tier 3 performance. She is not particularly tied to a specific weapon, but Stardust Memory is preferred for optimal results. Both neuronics related to her active skill hold high priority and should be upgraded promptly. The importance of the remaining neuronics may vary depending on personal preference and playstyle.

Lyfe Wild Hunt Build

  • TBA

Lyfe Wild Hunt Best Team

  • TBA

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