Marian Swift Build: Skills, Best Team [Snowbreak Wiki]

Read on for Marian Swift: Best Build & Team Guide [Snowbreak Wiki].

Marian Swift
Marian Swift

Marian Swift Profile

  • Role: Single-Target DPS
  • Range: Long-Range
  • Weapon Type: Sniper

Marian Swift – Description

Marian – Swift Description: Marian, also known as Swift, breaks the mold as a sniper by eliminating the need for precise aiming. With extensive manifest upgrades, her active skill, Cloud Shot, automatically locks onto a designated target, firing a homing shot and causing the next normal shot to also lock on. This unique ability allows her to maintain mobility while delivering consistent DPS. However, manually aiming at marked targets is still preferable, as it enhances standard shots with an additional 20% damage. To unleash Swift’s full potential, significant manifest investment is required. Most of her abilities’ power is locked behind manifests, making a manifest 0 Swift play drastically differently from a manifest 1 Swift. Without at least manifest 2, Swift’s effectiveness drops to Tier 2, and without manifest 1, potentially even to Tier 3. It is not advisable to rely on Swift as your initial DPS choice, unless you quickly obtain substantial manifest upgrades. Other operatives offer more immediate value due to their versatility. Investing in neuronics for Swift’s active skill and ultimate is recommended, while her support skills have more specific situational utility.

Marian Swift Build

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Marian Swift Best Team

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