Best Boots(February 2023)

Read on for Best Boots. A complete list of Boots and find out the best ones and the worst ones. Best Boots (1) Boots:

Currently, these are the Boots available in the game:

  • Eternal Boots
  • Light Runners
  • Highboots
  • Prosthetic Legs
  • Army Boots
  • Layered Snowshoes
  • Voidwaker Treads – Yet to be added. 

Boots are the gears that increase the HP and provide buffs like increased movement speed. Some of these Boots increase the movement speed, while some grant buffs like healing and inspire. Some Boots have the ability to reduce the DMG that you take from the enemies. In this post, we will be showcasing the best necklaces and the worst necklaces.  

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Currently, the best boots in the game are Eternal Boots and Light Runners. Eternal boots increase HP and base movement speed and leave a trail of fire when moving. Light Runners increase HP, increase DMG dealt after eliminating the enemy and reduce the DMG taken. 

Highboots is a good boot that makes you immune to bullet-/-collision DMG/increases HP/raises movement speed, but after you eliminate a set number of enemies, i.e., 200. Prosthetic Legs is a decent one; grant healing and increase movement speed. 

Army Boots and Layered Snowshoes are average ones. Army boots increase HP, grant inspire when the hero strikes down an elite or boss, but the inspire effect fades away when the hero is hit.  

So that’s all we got in this post on Best boots. 

Also, see – codes, tier list(best weapon/skills), tips, and the skills guide.

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