Mashle Academy Race Tier List Guide: Best Race [June 2024]

Read on for the Mashle Academy Race Tier List and find out the best race currently available in the game. 

Mashle Academy Race Tier List Guide Best Race

Mashle Academy Race Tier List Criteria

The following Race tier list for the Mashle Academy ranks the Races into these tiers; 

  • Tier 1: Best Race
  • Tier 2: Good Race
  • Tier 3: Decent Race

Change Logs & Notes:

Mashle Academy Race Tier List: Best Race

  • Demon – Tier 1


Demon Blood: Additionally, regenerate health slowly, even while in combat.

The Demon race is characterized by its dark red skin and imposing demon horns, which add to its fearsome appearance. Notably, Demons possess a unique trait known as Demon Blood, allowing them to regenerate health gradually, even during intense combat situations. This innate ability adds a strategic advantage to their formidable physical attributes, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Mashle Academy Race Tier List: The Good Race

  • Vastya – Tier 2
  • Elf – Tier 2
  • Dark Elf – Tier 2
  • Orc – Tier 2


Feline Instincts: When dashing, gain larger perfect dodge frames and take 10% reduced fall damage.

The Vastaya race exhibits striking features, including vibrant red hair and distinct feline characteristics. Their unique trait, Feline Instincts, enhances their agility and survivability. When dashing, Vastaya’s experience enlarged perfect dodge frames, granting them heightened evasion skills. Additionally, they benefit from a 10% reduction in fall damage, showcasing their natural acrobatic prowess. These traits make Vastaya adept at swift maneuvers and resilient in the face of challenges, making them a formidable presence in any adventure or conflict.


Mana Loved: Regenerate more stamina per tick.

Elves are renowned for their ethereal beauty, characterized by light blonde hair, pale skin, and distinctive pointed ears. Their inherent connection to mana is evident through the trait Mana Loved, allowing them to regenerate stamina at an accelerated rate. This unique ability increases Elves’ endurance, granting them a strategic advantage in prolonged engagements. Combined with their graceful appearance, Elves become formidable and enduring beings, harmoniously blending their aesthetic allure with magical resilience on the battlefield or in the realms of fantasy.

Dark Elf

Magic Defense: Take reduced damage from magic-based attacks.

The Dark Elves are distinguished by their enigmatic allure, featuring grey hair, dark grey skin, and characteristic pointed ears. Their inherent resilience is highlighted through the trait Magic Defense, affording them reduced damage from magical attacks. This unique ability fortifies Dark Elves against arcane assaults, making them formidable adversaries in a magical realm. Their mysterious aesthetic, combined with heightened resistance to mystical forces, positions Dark Elves as a potent force, capable of withstanding and countering the most potent magical adversaries in diverse fantasy landscapes.


Tough Skin: Take reduced damage from muscle-based attacks.

Orcs boast a formidable presence with their distinctive green skin and prominent orcish facial features. Their robust physiology is accentuated by the trait Tough Skin, granting them resilience against muscle-based attacks, resulting in reduced damage. This natural armor makes Orcs formidable warriors on the battlefield, able to withstand physical onslaughts with greater endurance. Combined with their intimidating appearance, Orcs become a force to be reckoned with, showcasing both strength and tenacity in the face of melee combat challenges.

Mashle Academy Race Tier List: Decent Race

  • Human – Tier 3


Greed: Gripping enemies robs more coins from them.

Humans, with their diverse appearances, lack distinct physical traits but compensate with the innate ability Greed. This unique trait allows them to exploit their adversaries, as gripping enemies results in a more substantial coin robbery. This characteristic not only showcases the human capacity for opportunism but also emphasizes their adaptability and resourcefulness in various situations. While lacking in distinctive features, Humans wield financial acumen as a strategic advantage, making them shrewd and cunning competitors in the pursuit of wealth and success.

About This Mashle Academy Race Tier List

The above Mashle Academy Tier List ranks the Races based on their performance in available game modes. The game currently features a limited set of Races; each race has unique perks and gameplay mechanics. The new updates to the game will add new races; we will try our best to keep this tier list up to date with the most accurate tier ratings. The races are currently available in multiple rarities: common[90%], rare[10%], and super rare[1%].

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