Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 Log & Patch Notes

Read on for Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 Log & Patch Notes.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 Log & Patch Notes
Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 Log & Patch Notes

Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4

Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 Log & Patch Notes

In update 4, the game developers have added plenty of new stuff and fixed many bugs to make the gameplay experience better than ever. Here’s the update log;

  • Fighting Pass
  • 2 New Fruits
  • 1 New Stand
  • 1 New Quirk
  • 7 New Champions
  • 4 New Sword Skins
  • 4 New Accessories
  • New Power Scaling
  • Balances
  • Bug Fixes

Anime Fighting Simulator X Update 4 FAQ

Q: What’s the process for unlocking the Premium Pass?

A: To unlock the Premium Pass, you can utilize Premium Tickets, which can be acquired through various means. You’ll need 10 Premium Tickets to activate the premium pass. These tickets can be obtained from daily rewards, free Battlepass tiers, and there’s a slim 0.5% chance of getting them as a drop from all bosses. Alternatively, you can purchase the Premium Pass using Robux (499 Robux).

Q: How can I advance through the Battlepass levels?

A: Progressing in the Battlepass involves earning battlepass experience by completing Daily Quests at the spawn location. Each completed quest rewards you with 20 EXP. A single tier requires 50 EXP to complete, and this remains consistent. If you’re looking to speed things up, you can opt to spend Robux to skip tiers with the 10 Tier Skips package (999 Robux).

Q: When is the Battlepass scheduled to conclude?

A: The Battlepass is set to conclude on October 12, 2023. The ending time is automatically adjusted according to your time zone, although it’s worth noting that the specific time might still be a placeholder.

Q: What exciting additions are in the new Battlepass?

– Clown (Buggy)
– ★Mitsu (Mitsuri)
– ★Doh (Dio)
– ★Shunks (Shanks)
★ indicates that these characters can be Shiny.

– Devil Fruit: Buddha (Tier 40)
– Stand: Cream (Tier 27)
– Breathing Style: Insect Breathing (Tier 13)
– Quirk: Navel (Tier 3)

– Soul King Crown (Tier 6): Offers 2% Crit Chance + 25% Crit Damage Increase
– Obanai Snake (Tier 15): Grants 5% Dodge Attack + 25% Chakra Damage Increase
– Brule Armor (Tier 23): Boosts HP by 20% + Strength Damage Increase by 20%
– Emperor Cape (Tier 33): Enhances Sword Damage by 25% + HP by 20% + Devil Fruit Damage by 15%

– Bicorn Mount (Tier 21)
– King’s Pillow (Tier 35)

Sword Skins:
– Thunder Nichirin (Tier 5)
– Sin Blade (Tier 17)
– Flame Nichirin (Tier 29)
– Samehada (Tier 39)

– Jotaro Pose (Replaces Default Idle) Tier 4 / Non-Premium Pass
– Vertical Push Up (Replaces Durability Situp) Tier 11
– Dio Pose (Replaces Default Idle) Tier 19
– Black Leg (Replaces Strength Punch) Tier 31

Please note: Sword skins and animations are purely cosmetic and do not offer any in-game buffs.

Q: How can I obtain the Light Fruit?

A: The Light Fruit can be obtained through two main methods. It can spawn on the map similarly to how Mera does. Additionally, you have the option to spin for the Light Fruit using Random Devil Fruit in the shop.


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