Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 Log

Read on for Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 Log.

Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 
Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 

Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 

  • Update 6.5 for Anime World Tower Defense was released on August 13th, 2023. Make sure to redeem the available Anime World Tower Defense codes for freebies.

Update 6.5 Changes & Additions

The Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 introduces a variety of exciting changes and enhancements to the game aimed at improving the overall experience for players. Here’s a breakdown of the key additions and modifications:

**Content Changes:**

– The Legend Festival Banner has been removed, potentially paving the way for new and upcoming content.

– A powerful new Miracle Unit, Ruffy [Emperor], has been introduced, providing players with a formidable addition to their roster.

– A new unit, SCR Kujaku Demon, has been included and can be obtained from the New Secret Stage, adding an element of mystery and challenge to the gameplay.

– Two new evolutions have been introduced: C+ Salo and UR+ Desert Pirate. These evolutions offer players the opportunity to further enhance and customize their units.

– The update includes a series of New Event Quests, providing players with fresh challenges and opportunities for rewards.

– The rewards from quests have been increased, ensuring that players are duly rewarded for their efforts.

– A new material can now be obtained from the “Marineford Raid,” enhancing the range of available resources for players.

**Improvements and Fixes:**

– A Gift Gamepass has been introduced, possibly providing exclusive benefits to players who choose to participate.

– UR Uchigo [Mad] has been reworked, potentially making the unit more balanced and engaging to play with.

– Various User Interface (UI) elements have been improved, enhancing the overall visual and navigational experience.

– Bugs have been addressed and fixed, leading to smoother and more stable gameplay.

**Gameplay Enhancements:**

– A new gameplay feature, Stop Attack Priority, has been added, allowing players to exercise more strategic control over their units’ actions.

– A challenging new difficulty level, Challenger Mode, has been introduced, catering to players seeking an extra level of difficulty. This mode offers increased drop rates and scoring rewards.

– Units with the “Raise ATK” ability now gain ATK (Attack) points faster, potentially altering the pace and strategy of battles.

– Existing MR (Mythic Rare) Leader Skills have been buffed, possibly revitalizing the viability of these units in gameplay.

– R+ Vuno and SR++ Royal Girl units now gain their passive abilities when placed, enhancing their effectiveness in battles.

– The duration of the Dark Flame Lover Charm has been buffed, potentially making this ability more impactful.

– A balancing adjustment has been made to summon units, preventing them from attacking while their summoner is stunned.

In conclusion, the Anime World Tower Defense Update 6.5 introduces a range of content, improvements, and gameplay enhancements designed to keep players engaged and challenged. The addition of new units, evolutions, difficulties, and gameplay mechanics promises to provide both new and experienced players with a fresh and captivating gaming experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore these new features and elevate your tower defense skills in the anime-inspired world!

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