Anime World Tower Defense Update 7.5 Log & Patch Notes

Read on for Anime World Tower Defense Update 7.5 Log & Patch Notes.

Anime World Tower Defense Update 7.5 Log & Patch Notes
Anime World Tower Defense Update 7.5 Log & Patch Notes

Anime World Tower Defense Update

  • Anime World Tower Defense Update was released on September 3rd, 2023. You can check the new AWTD codes here.

Anime World Tower Defense Update 7.5 Log & Patch Notes

Hello, defenders of the Anime World Tower! We’re thrilled to introduce you to the fantastic Update 7.5, packed with exciting new additions and game enhancements that will elevate your tower defense experience. Here’s a look at what’s in store:

New Miracle Unit: Power Reaper

Prepare to welcome the mighty Power Reaper to your arsenal. This miraculous unit is ready to turn the tide of battle in your favor with its incredible powers.

Character Reworks: C Uchigo & Kongkun

Fan-favorite characters C Uchigo and Kongkun have received a well-deserved makeover. Get ready to rediscover their strengths and unleash their potential.

New R Units: Yunaw & Naw

Introducing two new R Units to the roster: Yunaw and Naw. These characters are ready to join the fight and lend their unique abilities to your defense strategy.

Boss Rush Challenge: Yunaw & Naw

Take on the challenge of facing Yunaw and Naw in the Boss Rush mode. Do you have what it takes to defeat these formidable foes?

New Evo Units:

SR+ Steel Bat
UR++ Hoku[100%]
UR++ Shizaku

These evolution units bring new dimensions of power and strategy to your gameplay.

Blessing Added to SR+ VirtualSwordGirl Summer Skin

Unlock the full potential of the VirtualSwordGirl Summer Skin with the new blessing. This enhancement will make your character even more formidable.

Fresh Event Quests:

Embark on exciting new quests, offering you thrilling challenges and enticing rewards. Dive into the action and conquer these quests.

Unlock New Code: PowerReaper

Use the code “PowerReaper” to claim 15 rerolls and 1.5K puzzles. This code unlocks a treasure trove of goodies to aid you in your battles.

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Enhancements:

We’ve heard your feedback and worked tirelessly to address bugs and improve gameplay. Count on a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Gameplay Enhancements:

Buff selection is now available every 5 waves in Endless gameplay, giving you more strategic choices.
Various buffs have been applied to characters such as UR+ Supersonic Ninja and LR Scarlet Knight Base to enhance their effectiveness.
MR Berserk Mecha & Veshikun have also received buffs to make them even more formidable.
Nerfing All Range Atomic:
To maintain game balance, the cooldown of All Range Atomic has been adjusted to 99999.

With these incredible updates and enhancements, Anime World Tower Defense continues to evolve, ensuring that your tower defense battles are as exciting and challenging as ever. Dive into the action, assemble your dream team, and defend your world with all your might! 🌟🛡️

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