Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes

Read on for Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes.

Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes
Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes

Blade Ball Update 1.1

Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes

Blade Ball Update 1.1 Log & Patch Notes: V1.1

New Features:
– New Ability: Rapture: Unleash the power of the Rapture ability and dominate the game with this exciting addition.
– New UNIQUE OBTAINABLE Custom VFX Sword Skin: Crescendo: Obtain the exclusive Crescendo sword skin with custom VFX, making your character stand out.
– New Spinning Wheel: Access the spinning wheel, offering various methods to acquire the new ability and sword skin mentioned above.

Game Enhancements:
– Remodeled Oni Claws: Enjoy a fresh look and feel for the Oni Claws, adding more excitement to your gameplay.
– Re-Enabled Normal Crates: Normal crates are back, along with the 3k cost spin for certain countries. Additionally, the +1 40-minute timer spin for playtime rewards has been reinstated.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a Bunch of Bugs: Numerous bugs have been identified and addressed, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Gameplay Changes:
– Players Can No Longer Collide with Other People’s Platforms: Enhance gameplay dynamics with the removal of player collisions on platforms.
– New Blocky Sword Models: Discover the new blocky sword models, including Zoru and the Red Saber, adding variety to your arsenal.

These updates are designed to elevate your Blade Ball experience by introducing new features, enhancing gameplay, and fixing issues to ensure a more enjoyable and seamless gaming adventure. Dive in, explore the new additions, and master the Rapture ability in Update 1.1! 🎮🌟

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