One Piece New Dreams Update 1 Log & Patch Notes

Read on for One Piece New Dreams Update 1 Log & Patch Notes.

One Piece New Dreams Update
One Piece New Dreams Update

One Piece New Dreams Update 1

  • One Piece New Dreams Update 1 was released on September 19th, 2023. You can check the new OPND Codes here.

One Piece New Dreams Update 1 Log & Patch Notes

One Piece New Dreams Update 1 Log & Patch Notes:

Gameplay Improvements:

– Rampage grips now register killstreaks if the player is over level 15+.
– A new animation pre-loader has been introduced to fix lag in servers, which should help improve FPS, reduce delay, and enhance overall performance.
– The rate of coliseum events happening has been increased, making them more frequent in the game.
– Requirements for the colosseum event to start have been lowered.
– In high-player servers, there is a chance that a colosseum event will start for everyone who was there 1 minute after the end of rampage.
– There is a minimum requirement of 10 people to begin this event.
– Bounty requirement to participate or be registered in the bracket is 50k bounty.
– The winner of the Colosseum event is guaranteed to receive a poneglyph skill, but you must have 20m total bounty (invested included) to equip it.
– Players must stay in the server to receive rewards from the Colosseum event.
– 3 New Poneglyph Skills have been added for the following styles: Shotgun/Blunderbuss, 2-Sword Style, and Rokushiki.
– Legendary weapons have been introduced, including Shusui, Taki, Tenki (1-Sword, 2-Sword, 3-Sword style), Ragnarok (Axe), Crudelis (Boxing, Ryusoken, Rokushiki, Misuto, Fishman), and DragonSlayer (Spear).
– Shusui is ranged-oriented, Taki is damage-oriented, and Tenki is speed-oriented.

Bug Fixes:

– NPC bugs have been fixed.
– Eduardo has been re-enabled.
– AXE boss HP has been buffed.
– Eduardo HP has been nerfed.
– A chest appraiser has been added to yukiheshi.

Balancing Update:

– Cyborg total attempts have been increased from 3 to 5.
– Geppo cooldown has been buffed from 15 to 10.
– Yasha Garasu damage scaling has been increased from 1.3 to 1.8.
– Rankyaku damage has been increased from 13 to 15.
– Whirlpool Tower base damage has been increased from 0.8 to 0.95.
– Sanzen Sekai damage has been increased from 1.9 to 2.3.
– Bullet Frenzy scaling has been buffed.
– Shigan Barrage no longer cancels with infinite speed.
– Fishman characters now only get their debuff if they are low on oxygen while being on land.

Redeemable Code:

– A new code “UPDATE1” can be redeemed for 1 of every Tome. This code expires on Wednesday and includes:
– Tome Of Unlearning – Style Reset
– Tome Of Uninvesting – Skill Point Reset
– Tome Of Masks – Face Reroll
– Tome Of Honorific – Name Reroll
– Tome Of Ancestry – Wipe
– Tome Of Drip – Hair Reroll
– Tome Of Variation – Race Variant Reroll
– Tome Of Identity – Gender Change
– Tome Of Appearance – Skin Color Reroll

These updates and improvements in One Piece New Dreams Update 1 aim to provide players with a more engaging and balanced gaming experience. Explore the new features, participate in coliseum events, and wield legendary weapons in your journey! 🎮🌟

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