Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update Log & Patch Notes

Read on for Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update Log & Patch Notes.

Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update Log & Patch Notes
Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update Log & Patch Notes

Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update

Toilet Tower Defense EP 59 Update Log & Patch Notes


You can now finally trade your towers!
Sadly, with trading, we have to remove codes (to stop people from alt farming to reuse codes), and crates for winning new maps (also for alt farming).
We know this addition may not be fully supported by some, but 89% of players support trading! It will allow for F2P players to trade for exclusive units / crates!

🪖 Quad Rocket Mutant Toilet

The new final boss on wave 50 – quad rocket mutant toilet!
He has 4 rockets and many other weapons.. be careful!

🚀 Octo Rocket Launcher Toilet

You’ve seen 4 rockets on a toilet.. but what about 8?
This toilet is only on Toilet HQ!

🚀 Dual Rocket Launcher Laser Toilet

The dual rocket launcher toilet found a laser… 😦
This toilet is also only on Toilet HQ!

🟢 Buffed Camera Repair Drone (10% -> 5% energy to heal stun)
📈 New Cameraman Clothes
💪 Rewrote Equip Best Algorithm


**🚀 Update EP 59 Unveiled: Tower Trading Arrives in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense! 🔄**

Hello, Roblox Toilet Tower Defense community! We’re back with an exciting new update that’s set to revolutionize your gameplay experience. Let’s dive into what’s new in Episode 59:

**🔄 Tower Trading: A New Frontier Opens**

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the arrival of tower trading! Finally, you can trade your towers with fellow players. As part of this update, however, we’ve made some necessary changes. To ensure a fair and balanced environment, we’ve bid farewell to codes and crates for winning maps. These changes are aimed at preventing alt farming and enhancing the integrity of the game. We acknowledge that not everyone may fully embrace this addition, but we’re thrilled to note that 89% of players are in favor of trading. This exciting feature will provide Free-to-Play (F2P) players the chance to trade for exclusive units and coveted crates!

**🪖 New Boss Alert: Quad Rocket Mutant Toilet**

Get ready to face the ultimate challenge on wave 50 – the Quad Rocket Mutant Toilet! This formidable foe comes equipped with not one, not two, but four rockets and an array of other weapons. Be on your guard as you take on this fierce opponent!

**🚀 Taking it to the Next Level: Octo Rocket Launcher Toilet**

Prepare for the unexpected as you encounter the Octo Rocket Launcher Toilet. This exclusive addition, available only at Toilet HQ, boasts an astonishing eight rockets. Brace yourself for a whole new level of rocket-powered action!

**🚀 Unveiling the Dual Rocket Launcher Laser Toilet**

The Dual Rocket Launcher Toilet just got a futuristic upgrade – a laser! Discover the unmatched power of this toilet, which is also exclusive to Toilet HQ. Get ready for an electrifying experience on the battlefield!

**🟢 Gameplay Balancing and Enhancements**

– The Camera Repair Drone receives a buff with its energy cost reduced from 10% to 5% for healing stun.
– Explore new Cameraman Clothes to spruce up your appearance.
– Our team has meticulously rewritten the Equip Best Algorithm, ensuring an optimized experience for all players.

With these thrilling updates, Roblox Toilet Tower Defense continues to push the boundaries of excitement and innovation. Dive into the action, trade towers, and conquer the challenges that await you in Episode 59. Your adventure begins now! 🚀🛡️

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