Prim Eversoul | Character Profile

Prim is one of the souls in Eversoul. Read on for Prim Eversoul character profile. 

Prim Eversoul Character Profile

Prim Eversoul | Character Profile

Prim is an Undead faction unit in the Eversoul. The character details are taken from in-game Soulpedia. If you are a new player, check our Eversoul tier list, reroll guide, and Eversoul coupon codes. Now let’s check this character profile:

  • Prim’s affiliation is Jade’s Merchants’ Guild
  • Prim’s height is 159CM
  • Birthday: 02/03
  • Hobbies: Magic Tool Modification
  • Specialty: Gathering Audience
  • Prim likes Mint Chocolate
  • Prim does not like Apathy
  • Voice Acting: Haru Kim

Prim Eversoul | Intro


Prim Eversoul | Costumes

  • The Show Never Ends
  • Veteran Parade Leader

Prim Eversoul | Faction, Role, And Battle Profile

  • Undead Faction
  • INT
  • Supporter Role
  • Heal

Prim Eversoul | Skills

Main Skill: Wanna See a Magic Trick?

  • Draws a lucky card, restoring the HP equal to 260% of ATK for all allies and removing 2 debuff effect(s).
  • Level 2: HP recovery changes to 280%.
  • Level 3: HP recovery changes to 300%. Removes 3 debuff effect(s) from the target.

Sub Skill: Will There Be Pigeons?

  • Sends off a flock of white pigeons. Targets the ally with the lowest HP and recovers HP by 130% ATK in a 1.8m wide 8m line, and deals damage equal to 130% ATK to enemies in the target area.
  • Level 2: Recovery changes to 145%, and damage changes to 145%.
  • Level 3: Recovery changes to 160%, DMG changes to 160%. Increases the target ally’s DEF by 10% and reduces the enemy’s DEF by 10% – 8 seconds.


  • Tada! Boosts the morale by showing surprise magic using a hat. Increases the ATK of allies in a 3m circular area around you by 20% for 9 seconds.
  • Level 2: ATK increase changes to 22.5%.
  • Level 3: ATK increase changes to 25%, duration of effect changes to 12 seconds.

Passive: Trick

  • Mesmerizes enemies with flashy magic to hinder their attacks. While Prim is on the battlefield, the chance of allies getting hit by critical hits decreases by 20%.
  • Level 2: The chance of allies getting hit by critical hits decreases changes to 22.5%
  • Level 3: The chance of allies getting hit by critical hits decreases changes to 25%.

Ultimate: Finale: Where Did the Rabbit Go?

  • A giant rabbit doll steps on the enemy, inflicting damage equal to 320% of ATK in a 3m circular area to the nearest enemy and those around it, stunning it for 3 seconds.
  • Level 2: Damage changes to 345%.
  • Level 3: Damage changes to 370%. The stun duration changes to 4.5 seconds.

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