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ASTD Codes – All Star Tower Defense

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Published by Top Down Games, ASTD is a Roblox game.

In Roblox’s ASTD, engage in epic tower defense battles against relentless enemy waves. Command units with unique abilities, and upgrade them on the fly for devastating attacks. Unlock new heroes through the Summon Gate and team up with friends for story mode and the infinity tower. Explore hourly updates in the Summon Gate and Emote Shop.

In this post, we will share the ASTD codes. Please bookmark this page and visit this page often for the latest list of working codes.

We re-checked for new ASTD codes.

All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki

These are the active ASTD Codes:

  • newupdatecode – Redeem code for 150x Stardust (30 Minutes in Game Required – Added on September 19th, 2023)[AUTOPLAY Update Code]
  • NewWorld2 – Redeem code for 150 Stardust (200 Minutes in Game Required – Added on September 2nd, 2023)
  • UniverseReset – Redeem code for 150 Stardust (Req; Level 40+ – Added on September 2nd, 2023)
  • TheDrumsOfLiberation – Redeem code for 2500x Gems, 150x Stardust[Req; Level 40+][Added on August 7th, 2023]
  • TheDrumsOfLiberation2 – Redeem code for 50 stardust[Req; 2hours requirement][Added on August 7th, 2023]
  • 6billionvists – Redeem code for 2500x Gems, 200x Stardust, 1x July 4th Code Unit “Ganyu” (Added on July 22nd, 2023)
  • july4threalupdate – Redeem code for 2000x Gems, 150x Stardust, 1x July 4th Code Unit “Ganyu(Added on July 5th, 2023)
  • abouttimesnowrbx2023 – Redeem code for a Unit (Added on June 10th, 2023)
  • NavyXFlameOtherCode – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on June 10th, 2023)
  • sorryfordelayupdate2 – Redeem code for 2000x Gems, 200x Stardust (1-Hour Played After Release (Level 40+ Requirement) (Added on June 10th, 2023)
  • happylatemothersday – Redeem code for 150x Starudst, 2000x Gems(Added on May 16th – Level 70+ Requirement)
  • ​navyxflamelate200kcodeomg – Redeem code for 100x Stardust, 1x Ultra SSJ3 Rose Goku Black Unit, & 1x Zamasu Evolve Token (Added on May 15th – Level 70+ Requirement)
  • happylatemothersday – Redeem code for 150x Stardust & 2000x Gems (Added on May 15th– Level 50+ Requirement)

ASTD Codes [Expired]

The ASTD codes will work for only a specific period. The following codes are now not working anymore; 

  • rolerewardcode – Redeem code for 250x Stardust (Added on May 2nd, – Level 50+ Requirement)
  • Chainsmoke91 – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on April 18th, 2023)
  • Blamsdefnotlate300kcode – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on April 17th, 2023)
  • ASTDEggOpenedFinally – Redeem code for 100 Stardust, 2,750 Gems, 1K Gold (Added on April 17th, 2023)
  • youtubekingluffy350kdone – Redeem code for White Star Ball
  • melonmen1 – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on April 2nd, 2023)
  • youtubekingluffy350kdone – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on April 2nd, 2023)
  • minicode15 – Redeem code for Rewards (Added on March 26th, 2023)
  • newupdcode2 – Redeem code for 150 stardust (Added on March 25th, 2023)
  • newupdcode3 – Redeem code for 150 stardust, 1000 gems (Added on March 25th, 2023)
  • blamsponge – Redeem code for 240x Stardust, 3000x Gems, 1000x Gold (Requires Level 50+) (Added on March 25th, 2023)
  • blamsponge – Redeem code for X240 Stardust, 3K Gems, 1K Gold (Requires Level 50+) (Added on February 25th, 2023)
  • diablo12 – Redeem code for rewards (Added on February 21st, 2023)
  • maintenacecode15 – Redeem code for rewards (Added on February 16th, 2023)
  • sorryforlongdelay – Redeem code for rewards (Added on February 12th, 2023)
  • navyxflame170kyoutubereal – Redeem code for rewards (Added on February 1st, 2023)
  • thankyoufor5bvisits – Redeem code for X 500x Stardust, 10000x Gems, 23x Exp 6 (Added on January 29th, 2023)
  • delayp – Redeem code for X150 Stardust, 3K Gems, 4x Exp 6 Stars (Added on January 13th, 2023)
  • lvlreqny – Redeem code for rewards(Added on January 2nd, 2023)[Level requirement 60+]
  • happyholidays – Redeem code for rewards (Added on December 25th, 2022)
  • mbshutdown – Redeem code for X50 Stardust and more (Added on December 22nd, 2022)
  • world3ishere – Redeem code for X50 Stardust, 10x Exp IV, 4K Gems (Level 115+ Only) (Added on December 22nd, 2022)
  • winterguy19 – Redeem code for X105 stardust and X250 gems (Added on December 17th, 2022)
  • bigwinterupdatesoon – X Rewards (Added on December 5th, 2022)

How To Redeem ASTD Codes?

It’s straightforward to redeem ASTD codes. Click the setting/gear icon in the lower-right corner of the game screen. This will pop out a new window screen with a code input box. You will get to choose to redeem the codes. Enter the code and get the rewards. If the code is active, you shall receive the rewards immediately. Also, ensure that the code is appropriately entered, as some codes are case-sensitive. And if the code is inactive, the game will show you a message saying that the code is expired or not available. 

ASTD Wiki For Codes FAQ

In the FAQ part, we will answer the most asked questions by players looking for ASTD codes. 

How To Get ASTD Codes?

We would like to clarify that these ASTD codes that we are sharing are released by the game developers. Usually, new codes will come out when there is a big update, event, festival, or milestone accomplishment. For instance, many Roblox game developers release new codes every time their game hits likes/visits milestones. 

We recommend following the game’s official social media pages on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for the new code updates. Most Roblox game developers create Roblox Group, Discord, or Twitter pages. You will rarely see the game’s pages on Instagram or Facebook. 

When it comes to ASTD codes, you shall follow their Twitter Page. 

That’s all we got in this ASTD wiki for codes. We provide the fastest updates and coverage on the Roblox game codes, so please bookmark this page and share it with your friends. As soon as a new code comes up, we will add it to the list. You can also share the codes that are not in the list above and share those unlisted codes in the comment section below. 

What Are These ASTD Codes?

ASTD codes, gift codes, or coupon codes are unique codes developers share with players on their official social media handles, mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, or YouTube channel. Or, sometimes, they share the codes on the game’s very own forum website. These ASTD codes are different from the cheat codes. These ASTD codes usually reward in-game currencies or items. Usually, the basic currency(the currency that you can farm by playing the game) or premium in-game currencies(hard to obtain by playing the game) are rewarded with the codes.

How Many Times Can You Use A ASTD Code?

A particular ASTD code can only be used once per account by a player. If you have already redeemed a code and you try to redeem it again, it will not work, and the game will display a message saying you have already redeemed the gift code.

Are These ASTD Codes Permanent?

Some ASTD codes are permanent, while some last for a few days or are limited to a certain number of users. A permanent code, a code that’s not time-sensitive, can be redeemed once by a player, anytime. Time-sensitive or time-limited ASTD codes are limited – the date is set by the developers. Once the time limit has been reached, you will not be able to redeem these codes.

When Will Developers Release New ASTD Codes?

There is no fix time. It all depends on the game developers. Most developers release new gift codes weekly, on Weekends, Mondays, or Fridays. Some developers release new gift codes on festive dates. For instance, New Year, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Labor Day, Independence Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc.

Is There Any Requirement To Redeem ASTD Codes?

There is no prior requirement to redeem the ASTD codes; as long as it’s active, you can redeem the codes.

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Game Requirements:

Roblox’s ASTD [All Star Tower Defense] delivers an exhilarating tower defense experience like no other. Brace yourself for intense battles as you face off against relentless waves of enemies. Your strategy and tactical prowess will be put to the ultimate test.

What sets ASTD apart is its diverse roster of units, each armed with unique and awe-inspiring abilities. It’s up to you to strategically deploy these units to counter the enemy onslaught. However, the battle doesn’t end there. You can upgrade your troops dynamically during battle, unlocking new and devastating attacks to obliterate your foes.

ASTD introduces the thrilling Summon Gate, where you can call forth new units to bolster your defenses. Collect a myriad of heroes with their own distinct powers, adding layers of strategy to your gameplay. Team up with friends and conquer challenging story mode missions, or ascend the formidable infinity tower together.

ASTD is more than just a game; it’s an ever-evolving world of content. The Summon Gate and Emote Shop are constantly updated, ensuring there’s always something new to discover every hour. Collect rare and exclusive items as you progress on your tower defense journey.

In ASTD, you’ll need more than brute force; you’ll need cunning strategies, impeccable timing, and a keen understanding of your units’ abilities. Can you stand as the ultimate tower defense commander, defending against the hordes and emerging victorious in this Roblox adventure? The battlefield awaits your leadership and heroics.

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