7DS Grand Cross New King Arthur: Gear Set, Skills, Tier

Is New King Arthur good in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross? Read on for 7DS Grand Cross New King Arthur guide: gear set, skills, tier info

New King Arthur is one of the best characters in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross global version. If you have got it from the draw, you might be wondering how good he is and how to build him perfectly with the right choice of gears. In today’s post, we are gonna give you an overview of SDS New King Arthur character; gear set, build, skills, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross New King Arthur: –SDS Grand Cross New Arthur King

  • Tier – SSS
  • Grade – SSR
  • Faction – Camelot’s Sword
  • Attribute – Strength
  • Color – Red
  • Race – Human

Skills: –

  • Light Pillar – with this skill, New King Arthur inflicts damage to a single target and disables the recovery skills for a few turns. He will be able to disable the recovery skills once you reach the Light Pillar skill rank level to 2-star. And, as you raise it to 3-star, its effectiveness will improve
  • Royal Sword – with this skill, New King Arthur raises the basic attributes of a team member by 20-30% for a few turns.
  • Ultimate Move – Legendary – it’s an ultimate move of New King Arthur that helps him inflict severe damage to a single target. The severe damage from New King Arthur has x2 crit chances
  • Unqiue – like all other Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross characters, New King Arthur has also one unqiue skill called charisma. This unique skill increases the HP related stats of team members who belong to the Human Race. 

Gear Build for New King Arthur: –

  • Attack/ATK
  • Crit Damage/CritD

Focus on Attack and Crit DMG – equip the gears that increase these stats of this character to use him at his max potential. Share your opinions on the build in the comment section below. 

Food to raise affinity: –

  • Sugar Grilled Chicken Wings
  • Milk Caviar Canape

Also, see – 

So this would be all in this post on Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross New Arthur King. In our tier list, we put this character in the SS tier. 

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