Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish – List & Requirements

Wondering how many hidden fish are featured in the Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium Pole game? Read on and check out this Abyssrium Pole hidden fish list & requirements to unlock all

In this post, we have listed all the hidden fish featured in the Abyssrium Pole game. As per the current version of the game, there are 36 hidden fish in the game – and there are specific requirements/conditions you need to meet to unlock specific hidden fish. These requirements include having a certain number of common fish, taking the picture, completing achievements, etc. For starters, we would recommend checking Abyssrium Pole cheats & guide for beginners. Let’s check out the complete list of hidden fish in the Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole game. Update – Added 10 New Hidden Fish.

Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish List: –

The list of hidden fish is not by number because the game randomly gives hidden fish missions.

Hidden Creature #1 – Chinstrap Penguin

Requirements: –

  • You need to own Ice Bracken, which is a Coral
  • Place Gentoo Penguin on the Iceberg and tap bubble(the heart icon over the head)

Hidden Creature #5 – LemmingAbyssrium Pole Hidden Fish

Requirements: –

  • Unlock Yellow Table Coral
  • Create 20 Land-Sea Types Fish; example – Gray Seal
  • Unlock 6 Air Types Fish

The best way to unlock Lemming – the hidden fish is by unlocking Cape Petrel bird first. To unlock this bird, all you need to do is create 50 small branch coral, create 6 gravy seal and have 23 fish(any type). We found it easy to unlock this air-type bird so that you can easily create 6 air type fish.

Hidden Creature #10 – Snowshoe RabbitAbyssrium Pole Hidden Fish

Requirements: –

  • You need to take a photo of two penguins; Lemming with Chinstrap Penguin(both these penguins are hidden – so unlock them first)
  • Another requirement is to create 20 Sea Type Fish; Antarctic Silverfish is an example of Sea-Type

If you are having trouble capturing the picture of these two penguins; then reset the tank and place only these two penguins on the iceberg. You can learn more about the tank here: –

Hidden Creature #3 – Arctic TernAbyssrium Pole Hidden Fish

Requirements: –

  • Unlock White Table Coral
  • Complete 10 achievements missions(tap the trophy button in the top-right)
  • You need to take a photo of Cape Petrel using Blessing of Snow

Cape Petrel is an air-type fish that you can unlock by creating 50 Branch Coral and six Seals. First, create Cape Petrel by spending Vitality and in the next scene, the game will create this bird and ask you to click a photo. Click the picture and you will unlock Arctic Tern.

Blessing Snow skill can be purchased with pearls or by watching video Ads in the Iceberg tab.

Hidden Creature #8 – Pink SalmonAbyssrium Pole Hidden Fish

Requirements: –

  • Unlock Red Fan Coral in the Coral tab
  • You need to tap Mackerel Icefish’s bubble 5 times

Mackerel Icefish is a common fish that you can unlock by unlocking Yellow Fan Coral and having 3 African Penguins. To unlock African Penguin, you need to unlock Magellan Penguin and tap 2000x on the screen.

Wait for the heart bubble to appear over this fish – you need to splash 5 heart bubbles to unlock Pink Salmon – the hidden fish in Abyssrium Pole. It takes time – approx. 5-10 minutes.

Hidden Creature #6 – Humboldt PenguinAbyssrium Pole Hidden Fish

Requirements to unlock this Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish: –

  • Create Magellan Penguin and African Penguin – then click their picture(two of them in the same picture)
  • Also, you need to have 15 Penguins

Hidden Creature #7 – Galapagos Penguin

Requirements to unlock this Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish: –

  • One photo of Adellie Penguin and Lemming(both should be in the same picture)
  • Create Humboldt Penguin and click the picture – also, use Blessing of Snow skill

Other Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • Ross Seal(#2) – Unlock Snow Coral + Cast Bird Chorus Skill 3x + Have 8 Penguins
  • Antarctic Lanternfish(#4) – Reach SnowFlake Plant Coral 500 + have 1 Antarctic Silverfish + have 1 Marbled Rockcod
  • Arctic Cod(#9) – Splash 100 Heart Bubbles + capture 1 photo of Mackerel Icefish with Patagonia Toothfish
  • Harbor Seal(#11) – Cast Whale’s Blessing skill 10x + share the photo of Harp Seal(create + click + tap the share button in the bottom-left corner)
  • Nelma(#12) – Capture 1 picture of Omul using Blessing of the Snow. Slash Ray-finned fish’s bubble 30 times. Have 5 Antarctic Herrings.

Other Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • Skua(#13) – Capture 1 picture of Snowy Sheathbill with Arctic Tern. Use Bird Chorus 30x
  • Thick Billed Murre(#14) – Have 5 Skuas + Finish 50 achievements.
  • Dall Sheep(#15) – Cast Moon’s Song 15x + Have 5 Arctic Hares.
  • Skipjack Tuna(#16) – You need to share 1 picture of Yellowfin Tuna using Blessing of Snow and tap on any Scombrid’s (Tuna’s) bubble 15x.
  • Longfin Tuna(#17) – Capture 1 picture of Pacific Bluefin Tuna with Yellowfin Tuna and have 5 Skipjack Tuna.
  • Northern Rockhopper Penguin(#18) – Capture 1 picture of Erect-crested Penguin with Galapagos Penguin.

Other Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • Southern Rockhopper Penguin(#19) – Capture 1 picture of Snares Penguin using Blessing of Snow and have 7 species of Penguins.
  • Southern Bottlenose Whale(#20) – Capture 1 picture of Snares Penguin with Hourglass Dolphin and reach Whale’s Blessing level 5.
  • Muskox(#21) – Have White Anemone+ tap Dall Sheep bubble 5x + capture a picture of a Hooded Seal with an African Penguin.
  • Burmeisters Porpoise(#22) – Capture 1x picture of Risso’s dolphin with Chilean dolphin. Complete 100 achievements.
  • Spectacled Porpoise(#23) – Click 1x picture of Burmeister’s Porpoise with Southern Bottlenose Whale. Share 1 picture of Burmeister’s Porpoise using Blessing of Snow.

Other Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • Canadian Goose(#24) – Click 1x picture of Snow Goose with Snow Petrel. Reach level 5 Bird Chorus skill
  • Porbeagle(#25) – Click 1x picture of Spiny Dogfish with Salmon Shark. Have 6 Cartilaginous Fish.
  • Royal Penguin(#26) – Have Luminescent Coral. Click 1 picture of Macaroni Penguin with Harp Seal. Have 5 Fiordland Penguins.
  • Greenland Shark(#27) Don’t do anything for 20 minutes. (I.e. leave the app open with the screen on and DON’T TOUCH IT for 20 minutes.) Click 1 picture of Pacific Sleeper Shark with Blessing of Snow. You have to click the picture first for this to work.
  • Reindeer(#28) – Have Blue Plate coral. Tap any Greenland Shark’s bubble 1x.

Other Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • White Flippered Penguin(#29) – Click 1 picture of Northern Rockhopper Penguin with Southern Rockhopper Penguin. Share 1 picture of Reindeer using Blessing of Snow.
  • Little Penguin(#30) – Have 15 Penguin Species
  • Narwhal(#31) – Have Pink Hand Coral. Click 1 picture of King Penguin with Longfin Tuna.
  • Killer Whale(#32) – Have 8 Sea-Surface Type species. Click 1 picture of Narwhal with Adelie Penguin.

Other Hidden Fish List(pictures will be posted soon): –

  • Walrus(#33) – Have 7 species of seals + 20 sea-type species + 13 sea-surface type species. – NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW
  • Emperor Penguin(#34) – Have 27 species of birds + click 1 picture of King Penguin with Killer Whale.
  • Polar Bear(#35) – Have 30 species of mammal+ click 1 picture of Reindeer with Arctic Wolf.
  • Humpback Whale(#36) – Have 5 Polar Bears. Capture 1 picture of Polar Bear with Emperor Penguin. Capture 1 picture of Polar Bear with Walrus.

Other Hidden Fish List(Added in Versio 1.1.1): –

  • Wolverine(#37) – Level 3000 White Barnacle. Have 20 Land Types. Capture 1 picture of Snowshoe Rabbit with Harbor Seal.
  • Moose(#38) – Level 2000 Pink Torch Coral. Capture 1 picture of Dall Sheep with Muskox.
  • Giant Petrel(#39) – Level 3000 Blue Barnacle. Have 10 Thick-billed Murre. Capture 1 picture of Snow Petrel with Arctic Tern.
  • Beluga Whale(#40) – Have x5 Narwhals, Killer Whales. Capture 1 picture of Narwhal with Killer Whale.
  • Sperm Whale(#41) – Level 1000 Straw Coral. Use Whale’s Blessing x50. Have x5 Right Whales.
  • White-tailed Deer(#42) – Level 2000 Luminescent Coral. Capture 1 picture of Reindeer with Royal Penguin. Capture 1 picture of Dall Sheep using Blessing of Snow.
  • Gray Whale(#43) – Level 2000 Yellow Cylinder Coral. Capture x1 picture of Right Whale with Bowhead Whale.
  • Blue-eyed Shag(#44) – Have x1 picture of Snow Goose with Canadian Goose. Have x10 Snow Goose. Have x10 Canadian Goose.
  • Minke Whale(#45) – Have x5 Sperm Whales. Have x5 Gray Whales. Capture x1 picture of the Humpback Whale.
  • Bryde’s Whale(#46) – Level 2000 Lichen Coral. Have  x80 Sea-Surface types. Capture x1 picture of Walrus with Blue Whale.

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This article was last updated on January 31, 2020. Update – the latest version of Abyssrium Pole has added 10 new hidden fish.

So this would be all in this post on Tap Tap Fish – Abyssrium Pole Hidden Fish List & Requirements to unlock all of them.

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  1. #37’s been added! It’s a wolverine and the requirements are Lv.3000 white barnacle, own 20 land types, and take 1 photo of harbor seal with snowshoe rabbit