Bleach Immortal Soul Codes: Redeem Codes List July 2020

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Started playing Bleach Immortal Soul and wondering how to get and redeem the code for exclusive packages? Check out Bleach Immortal Soul codes to redeem in July 2020

Bleach Immortal Soul Codes Redeem Code

Oasis Games recently released a brand new mobile game based on Bleach anime. Like all other advanced mobile games, Bleach Immortal Soul game has a redeem code feature that allows the player to enter the codes and redeem exclusive packages. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner(settings) -> scroll down a bit -> tap the “redeem” button -> there you can enter the “redeem code”(check the codes below). In today’s post, we have listed all the Bleach Immortal Soul Codes (active codes) that you can redeem for exclusive premium rewards such as soul jades, gacha token, in-game currencies, etc. So let’s not waste any time and check the Bleach Immortal Soul redeem code!

Bleach Immortal Soul Codes: List of Redeem Codes: –

Following is the list of Bleach Immortal Soul codes to redeem in July 2020: –

  • BISV20 (Announced On June 24, Expires on July 31). 
  • momo0603(June 3, 2020)
  • AIZEN0529(May 29, 2020)
  • TESSAI0512(Announced in May)
  • Marechiyo0505 (Announced in May)
  • BLEACH2020 ( Valid Until 30th April)
  • BLEACHPRE (Valid Until 30th April)
  • BLEACHTV (New)
  • RETSU0421(Expired)
  • 60ZPG4PK 
  • 5NS03P70
  • L83WCSG5 
  • 4V18JTP6 
  • CHAD0407 (Expired)

The latest Gift Code is “BISV20“. By redeeming this Bleach Immortal Soul code, you will get x10 soul jade summon token. Expires on July 31, 2020.  

momo0603” is the latest Bleach immortal Soul redeem code that grants momo character shards and other stuff. The code might get expired after a day(4th June or 5th June). 

Bleach Immortal Soul new code “AIZEN0529“. It’s the birthday code – gives you x3 Aizen character shards, gold, and a gift box. Redeem it before it gets expired. Next code might be on June 6, 

The latest Bleach Immortal Soul code is “TESSAI0512“. With this code, players can get Tessai character shards, 30K gold, and a gift box featuring other in-game items like gift items that you can give to the character to increase favor. The code can be used once. It was last tested on May 12, 2020. 

The latest code is “Marechiyo0505“. This Bleach Immortal Soul redeem code gives x30K gold, Marechiyo Omaeda character shards, and a gift box. Go to the game settings and tap that redeem button and enter the code “Marechiyo0505”

Code No. 1 is ” BLEACH2020“. With this Bleach Immortal Soul redeem code, you get x10 gacha tokens. You can use these tokens in the summon menu and draw high-tier x10 characters. To redeem the code, go to the settings. Scroll down to the bottom on the setting page. Tap the redeem button and enter the code “BLEACH2020”. This code is valid until 30th April. 

Code no. 2 is “BLEACHPRE“. With this Bleach Immortal Soul redeem code, players can get valuable rewards including the premium in-game currencies, basic in-game currencies, and other items. The redeem method is simple; go to the settings, tap the redeem button, and enter the code “BLEACHPRE“. This code is valid until 30th April. 

Code No. 3 is “BLEACHTV“. With this Bleach Immortal Soul code, you will get around x100 soul jades, which is the premium item. Other than that, it gives you 10K gold and 50 EXP tonic potions of grade II. Shared by someone in the comments below!

Code “RETSU0421“. This code gives Retsu Unohana’s shards. Update – expired now. 

Other codes – YouTuber codes mostly. 

Code No. 4 is “60ZPG4PK“. With this Bleach Immortal Soul code, you can get a bunch of rewards including gacha tokens, in-game currencies like gold, soul jades, etc. Head to the home screen of the game. In the upper-right corner, tap the gear icon to go to the settings. Scroll down in the settings and under the other section, you will find the redeem button. Tap it and enter the code “60ZPG4PK”. 

Code No. 5 is “5NS03P70“. Using this Bleach Immortal Soul code, you can get premium-quality rewards; in-game currencies pack, gacha tokens, soul jades, etc. Like all other redeem codes listed here, you have to go to the settings and tap the redeem button and enter the code “5NSO3P70”. In this code, the first O is the OWL one. And, the last digit is 0/Zero. 

Code no. 6 is “L83WCSG5“. Another Bleach Immortal Soul redeem code to get gift packs containing various in-game currencies that you can use to make the characters stronger or in other fields of the game. Like all other codes, you have to go to the settings, hit the redeem button and type the code “L83WCSG5“. 

Code no. 7 is “4V18JTP6“. You may get soul jades or in-game items by using this code.

Code no. 8 is “CHAD0407″. Expired on April 10th, 2020. 

So this is the list of Bleach Immortal Soul Redeem Codes. If you have more cheat codes to share, comment below. 

Redeem Codes Not Working?

Time Requirement – if this error pops out, that means the code is now expired. The reward is already claimed – this means that you have already claimed the code reward. 

How To Get More Bleach Immortal Soul Codes?

Update – for the latest code info, we recommend following the Twitter fan page of Bleach Immortal Soul. Follow the Twitter handle and turn on the tweet notification so that you would not miss any code. Usually, a temporary code lasts long for 24 hours. Although, some event codes last for many days. It’s better to stay in touch.

You can get more codes from the official Facebook page for the Bleach Immortal Soul. On some occassions/events, the developers might announce the new codes. Or keep checking this post, we will update this post with the new codes as soon as we get the information. Also, if you are on Discord, you can join the Bleach: Immortal Discord Server and keep track of all the updates; codes, events, etc. 

Or if you had pre-registered the game, check your email. You might have got the unqiue gift code. 

So this would be all in this post on Bleach Immortal Soul Codes – List of Redeem Codes July 2020. Updates – added two more codes and expiry date info.

We will continue adding new codes or you can join the Discord server to keep an eye on all the redeem codes. 

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