Disney Mirrorverse Ariel Guide: Is She Good?

Read on for the Disney Mirrorverse Ariel guide covering her stats, abilities, and talents and find out whether she is good or not. 

Disney Mirrorverse Ariel
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Disney Mirrorverse Ariel Guide

Ariel is one of the characters featured in the Disney Mirrorverse game. She is a melee role guardian/character with Seafaring, Royalty, Gravity-Defying, and blade wielder traits. She is known for removing adverse effects knack. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for her tier rankings. 

How To Get Ariel In Disney Mirrorverse?

In Disney Mirrorverse, you can obtain Ariel by opening the crystals; Stellar Crystal, Famed Crystal, and Timekeeper Crystal. 

Is Ariel Good?

Yes, she is a pretty good melee role character with abilities that dispels damaging debuffs from the allies and provide them an ATK buff. She can also inflict a great amount of DMG with her special ability. Please refer to our Disney Mirrorverse tier list guide for her tier rankings. 

Disney Mirrorverse Ariel Profile:

  • Role: Melee
  • Base DMG: 
  • DMG Resistance:
  • Max Armor: 
  • Critical Chance: 
  • Bonus Critical DMG:
  • Max Health: 

Disney Mirrorverse Ariel Abilities:

  • Resilient Waves – Core Ability
  • Raging Riptide – Special Ability
  • Refreshing Rally – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Resilient Waves – Core Ability

Every X2 seconds Ariel has a 35% chance to Cleanse X1 DMG debuff from herself. 

Each time a DMG debuff is cleansed from Ariel, she gains a 12%* ATK buff(Max stacks; 10) 

Raging Riptide – Special Ability

Ariel inflicts 600%* DMG and knocks back all enemies in a sweep in front of her. 

Ariel cleanses all damaging debuffs and receives one ATK buff from her core ability. If no damaging debuffs are cleansed Ariel instead gains a 12%* attack buff for x30 seconds(max stacks; 10). 

Refreshing Rally – Signature Ability, unlocks at a 4-star rating

Ariel’s special ability cleanses X1 damaging debuff and grants a 5% attack buff for x30 seconds to all adjacent allies. (Max stacks; 1).

Disney Mirrorverse Ariel Talents:

  • Sea’s Might
  • Vital Tide
  • Pelagic Force
  • Cleansing Current

Sea’s Might

Unlocks at level 12. Grants +20% ATK at the start of an encounter. 

Vital Tide

Unlocks at level 15. Grants +20% Health at the start of an encounter. 

Pelagic Force

Unlocks at level 20. Attack buffs Ariel grants herself are 50% stronger. 

Cleansing Current

Unlocks at level 20. The chance Ariel cleanses a damaging debuff with her Core ability is increased by 65%. 

Ariel Bio:

The courageous sea princess Ariel is possessed of great inner strength and uncanny adaptability. Her fascination with humans can be distracting, but she never loses her focus as protector of the oceans and inspirer of all the world’s creatures. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Disney Mirrorverse Ariel guide.

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