Elf Tales Redeem Code: List of Redeem Codes

Looking for Elf Tales Redeem Code? Read on for Elf Tales redeem codes to get gift packs packed with a huge amount of rewards to get a boost in progress

Elf Tales Redeem Code List of Redeem CodesElf Tales is a brand new portrait Idle MMORPG where you play as a Warrior and Ranger/Archer class. Like all other EYOUGAME’s games, Elf Tales also features a redeem code menu where players and enter the code and claim gift packages featuring the in-game currencies that you can use to get stronger. In today’s post, we have shared all the Elf Tales redeem codes that we have discovered so far. So let’s not waste any time and check out the redeem code!

Elf Tales Redeem Code: List of Redeem Codes – 

Code No. 1 is “o3NCF9kP”. With this Elf Tales redeem code, players can get gem giftpack, EXP potion and inner. stats potion giftpack. To redeem this code, players need to tap the benefits button, which in on the top-left of the screen, below the CP status. 

In the benefits menu, you have to go to the “redeem” tab and enter the code “o3NCF9kP”. And, after entering the code, tap the claim button. You can use this code only once in an account. 

Here’s the redeem code FAQ: –

-> I ain’t seeing the benefits button, what should I do?

The benefits button appears in the top-left side, below the CP status – around level 100. So level up your character and reach this certain milestone to redeem the code. 

-> How do I get more redeem codes?

You can acquire new redeem codes from the developers. All you need to do is follow them on Social Media. Facebook; like their page and send them the screenshot as a proof – In messenger app, wait for a few hours and they will send you a unqiue redeem code. The same process with Instagram; follow their Instagram account, send the screenshot proof and ask for the code. And, at last, subscribe to their YouTube channel and send the screenshot to the customer service. 

Players can get the bound diamonds, gem giftpack, and gold gift pack by redeeming the codes. 

So this would be all in this post on Elf Tales Redeem Code – list of redeem codes. If you have more codes to share, comment below. 

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