Gaia Odyssey best class: which class should you pick?

Started playing Gaia Odyssey and wondering which class to pick? Read on for Gaia Odyssey best class guide for beginners

Gaia Odyssey best classGaia Odyssey best class: which class should you pick?

As of writing, this Gaia Odyssey game features three unique classes – with one mysterious class on the way. The three classes that are currently available are Berserker, Lancer, and Cannoneer. In this post, we have shared a detailed guide on all these three classes + shared an opinion on which class to pick for a head start. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the content. 

Berserker Class

Berserker is one of the three classes in Gaia Odyssey that uses a heavy sword to deal with the enemies. His defense and stats are impressive – and because of that, you will be able to soak more damage. In the team battles, you can lead the team from the front. Speaking damage, this class does great damage; thanks to the AoE skills. But, the damage volume is not that good – if we compare this class with the cannoneer class. 

Lancer Class

Lancer is another class in Gaia Odyssey. This class is balanced; all sorts of attributes such as defense, critical, range, control, attack, regeneration, etc. And because of that, Lancer does well as a tank as well as a DPS character. Although, you lack specialty in a particular sector like Berserker excels(has more) in defense and control stats. 

Cannoneer Class

Cannoneer is among the three classes in the game. It’s a ranged DPS class with skills that do an enormous amount of damage to the enemies. And because of that, you will always have the advantage to clear the waves of enemies quickly + you will do well in the solo battle as well as team battle. 

So, Which Class Is Best In Gaia Odyssey?

The best DPS class would be Cannoneer. The best Tank class would be Berserker. If you like ranged-DPS character, pick Cannoneer. For melee DPS or tank, pick Berserker. Lancer, on the other hand, is quite balanced; with decent damage output and defense strength. It’s up to you – choose as per your gameplay style. 

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So that’s all we got in this article on Gaia Odyssey best class guide for beginners. 

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