Games Like Redecor Home Design Game

Redecor Home Design Game is one of the popular home design games for Android & iOS. Read on for games like Redecor: similar games like Redecor.

Games Like Redecor – Similar Games Like Redecor Home Design Game⇓

The following list features game titles that possess the same functions and gameplay which the game Redecor does. As you know that, Redecor is an online home design game where players all across the world participate in the design challenges and try to fetch more votes for their design for bonus rewards and items. The game has classic and duel challenge mode packed with other content like season leveling, daily tasks, hundreds of cool items, and a great following on Instagram and Facebook. 

In this post, we have tried our best to showcase a list of games like Redecor. If you are looking for games similar to Redecor, then we have got you covered: –

Design Home: House Renovation

Games Like Redecor Similar Games

Design Home: House Renovation is a popular game that has already got millions of installs on the Android & iOS platforms. And, this game is pretty much similar to the Redecor game. As a player, you can participate in the challenges where you are tasked to redecorate the home by adding furniture and beautiful decoration items and earn money. 

The game has also got a voting system where players can vote for the designs and earn more rewards. There are hundreds of items to decorate the houses and get more votes. Choose a challenge, start decorating, submit, and get the rewards. Level up to unlock new items, elite challenges, and more functions. 

Design Home House Renovation game is published by Crowdstar Inc, the mobile game publisher behind Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game

Get Design Home: House Renovation on Google Play Store:

Get Design Home: House Renovation on iOS App Store:

Home Design Star

Games Like Redecor Similar Games

Home Design Star is one of the best games like Redecor, which features the same gameplay as you get in Redecor. In fact, we were shocked to see it has the same UI and gameplay features such as design challenges, voting other players’ designs, Season/VIP, etc. The game has been published by CookApps, the mobile game publisher, well-known for My Home Design, a match-3 game with design functions. 

It’s available on Android as well as iOS. 

Get Home Design Star on Google Play Store:

Get Home Design Star on iOS App Store:

So far, these are the two games like Redecor that we have found similar. More new games from creative developers may release in near future with much more advanced features. We will update this post with new games similar to Redecor Home Design Game. Got more recommendations? Comment below. 

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2 thoughts on “Games Like Redecor Home Design Game”

  1. I love playing Redecor, I do this to relax. But I’ve found you are limited to designing because they limit your options and it’s usually not the colors or patterns you need for the design. That is very frustrating. You have to actually pay to be able to have more excess. I bought a package one time and didn’t receive what I should have. I bought a Season Pass also, but I’m afraid to click on things after being burned. I relax more when I vote by comparing 2designs. I feel bad for some because I know if they had excess to all their purchases they could do a lot better job. But it’s a game and as long as I don’t lose any more money I’ll continue to play.

    • I agree with all you said 100%. Some rooms I know I do not have a chance because I’m so limited on materials. It takes a long time to get new materials unless you are willing to pay. Then when you do get some, they are often unusable because they are so hideous. I don’t think I will stick to a game that forces you to spend money. It is too bad, because they game is very well done outside of that factor.