Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Guide For Beginners

Our Guardians of Cloudia Best Class guide gives you an overview of all available classes and helps you figure out the GOC best class and get a headstart.Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Guide

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Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Guide: All Classes Overview⇓

Guardians of Cloudia, as of writing this class guide, features five classes; Archer Class, Mage Class, Swordsman Class, Oracle Class, and Rogue Class. Each class has a unique set of skills, strengths, traits, fighting gameplay style, and style. This Guardians of Cloudia best class guide will help you figure out which class will be the best for you(Extras; Guardians of Cloudia Codes List To Redeem): –

Archer Class Guide⇓

Archer uses its bow weapon to strike the enemies and bosses from a distance, which helps in evading ATKs from the enemies that do melee DMG. Speaking of the main strength, the Archer class in Guardians of Cloudia excels in the inflict DMG on the non-friendly units. This class is good in solo battles, team battles, PvE, PvP. 

  • Exaltation: Windstalker and Sharpshooter

Mage Class Guide⇓

Mage, just like the Archer, is a DMG class in Guardians of Cloudia that also excels in inflicting DMG. But magical DMG, not physical. Mage can do well in PvE as well as PvP. The survivability of the mage class is much similar to the Archer class. 

  • Exaltation: Pyrodamage/Aquamage

Swordsman Class Guide⇓

Swordsman uses the sword weapon to fight the enemies in PvE, PvP, dungeons, etc. It’s a melee class that fights from a close range. Speaking of strength, Swordsman is good at fighting or leading the team from the front. Because of the high durability, Swordsman can absorb much more damage than any other classes in the game and can also inflict a decent amount of damage. 

Oracle Class Guide⇓

Oracle is a supporter class with skills that heal, increase MATK, restore energy, and provide buffs to self or allies. Oracle is not good at inflicting DMG though. But its skills are good and can really be utilized in the team battles for improving the survivability of allies or self. 

  • Exaltation: Judge/White Sage

Rogue Class Guide⇓

Rogue is another melee class, but unlike Warrior class, Rogue is a pure DMG Dealer. Warrior, on the other hand, does less damage than Rogue but has more survivability. 

Guardians of Cloudia Best Class⇓

  • Rogue is the best Melee DMG Dealer class in Guardians of Cloudia(Can exalt into Shadowdancer or Slayer Class)
  • Oracle is the best supporter class(Can exalt into Judge or White Sage Class)
  • Swordsman is the best melee tank class(Can exalt into Guardian or Destroyer Class)
  • Mage is the best magic DMG Dealer class(Can exalt into Pyromage or Aquamage Class)
  • Archer is the best PHY DMG Dealer class(Can exalt into Windtalker or Sharpshooter Class)

(Extras; Guardians of Cloudia Codes List To Redeem)

So this would be all in this post on Guardians of Cloudia Best Class guide for beginners. Which class you are going to pick? Share it in the comments. 

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5 thoughts on “Guardians of Cloudia Best Class Guide For Beginners”

  1. Basically oracle is weakest in pvp. And except beast , the rest of the events are mostly pvp which makes oracle the worst class and it’s not fair to oracle class. Oracle is not a star but That made oracle a class which has been left out . It’s too unbalanced.

  2. Regarding the Archer in CoG: While it is true in the majority of games they strike from a distance, in CoG they have them in the mob’s face alongside Swordsman and Rogues making them squishier than they should be.

  3. So far I’ve made an Oracle (White Sage), Rogue (Shadowdancer), and a Warrior.
    Oracle: I’ve found the overall experience someone relaxing. I’ve rarely had to take autopilot off if a fight since the autopilot is quick on the draw with healing and maintaining damage. The only drawback to this is positioning. A good healer has to be aware of their allies locations especially since one of their most potent healing abilities is a heal that expands around the radius of the caster, making it useless to an ally on the other side of the field. However, the ability to continuously maintain a stream of hitpoints to your party makes you feel like a useful member to the group. The guardian angel skill gives you a “tank” to help you solo areas as well. Well rounded and fun. White Sage specialization makes your heals really shine.

    Rogue: You will have to occasionally disengage autopilot to run out of danger while you regenerate but otherwise it’s quite entertaining watching your rogue spin and slash through enemies like you’re an anime hero in an epic battle. I find I die a lot more as a rogue but I also feel I contribute more to victory when I live since I’m in there shredding the competition. Class is better for the aggressive player. Skill distribution also had me pen and papering some of the skills to better plan my build, something the oracle never really needed me to do. As a result I felt more accomplished with my victories.

    Warrior: Sword and Board charging into a massive pile of enemies and cutting your way out as your supporting DPS inflicts massive damage and the healer sweats profusely as they struggle to keep your hit points alive knowing that if you fall, they’re next…. What’s not to love?

    In closing, Oracles are probably my favorite class because unlike all of the other classes, their unique ability to sustain the party through difficult fights makes them a necessary asset to any group. The other classes are all great in their own merit, but when three classes are all designed for damage, one is designed for damage and tanking, and one is the only class that can heal everyone to keep dealing damage, the Oracle is your go-to for feeling like you are needed and unique…. you just rarely, if ever, get to be the star of the show. But I’m okay with that. I play multiplayer games for community and to help others… and the Oracle is all about that in spades.