Idle Huntress Reroll Guide

Are you wondering how to reroll in the Idle Huntress? Read on for Idle Huntress reroll guide, where we will teach you the rerolling process and concept in layman’s terms.

Idle Huntress Reroll Guide

Idle Huntress Reroll Guide:

Rerolling process in Idle Huntress is straightforward. You will be logging in with the guest account and proceed with the initial prologue and tutorial stuff. Once the tutorial completes, navigate to the game’s home screen. Tap the mailbox icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Collect the pre-registration or beginner rewards. Pre-registration rewards include X40 recruitment tickets that you can spend on the normal banner. Also, claim the free top-up reward in the shop, login reward, and quest rewards. 

After collecting the rewards, tap the recruit button in the lower-left corner. Select the normal banner and spend all the recruitment tickets/currency. 

Aim for the top-tier SSR character. Check out our Idle Huntress tier list for more details. 

Also, see – Idle Huntress Codes.

If you don’t get the top-tier SSR at the beginning with pre-registration rewards and early beginner rewards from logging in, quests, achievements, etc., close the game. Go to your mobile settings -> apps -> search for Idle Huntress. Clear its data. 

If you get the top-tier SSR characters, make sure to link or bind the game with GB/Google/GameCenter/Apple account to save the progress. 

So that’s all we get in this post on Idle Huntress reroll guide. If you need more help or have any questions, please share them in the comment section below. 

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