Mystic Realm Gift Codes – How To Get?

Started playing Mystic Realm, the brand new MMORPG from EYOUGAME? Read on for Mystic Realm Gift Codes guide to learn how to get the codes

Mystic Realm Gift CodesIf you are looking for Mystic Realm Gift codes, then this post is for you. Like all other EYOUGAME’s games, Mystic Realm lets the player enter the gift codes and redeem the giftpacks, which reward gems and enhancement stones. Here’s how to get the Mystic Realm Gift Codes: –

Instagram Pack 

For this gift pack, you have to follow the official Instagram account of the developer; eyougame_official. If you have an Instagram account, follow the developer’s account and take a screenshot. Open the game -> tap the company’s logo in the top-left -> user -> contact customer service. A chat window will open where you have to share the screenshot. They will send the code within 24 hours probably. 

Eyougame Pack

For this gift pack, you have to like the official Facebook page of the developer of the game; Eyougame. Take the screenshot on your phone – proving that you liked the page. And, send it to them via the Messenger app. They will send you a unqiue code that you can redeem in the game in the gift menu. 

YouTube Giftpack

For this gift pack, you need to subscribe to the official YouTube channel of the developer; Eyougame. Share the screenshot proving that you have subscribed to the channel – with the customer service to get a unqiue Mystic Realm code. 

Rewards: –

So there are three ways to get the three gift codes or gift packs. These gift packs offer these rewards to the players: –

  • Attack Gem that you can embed to the gear to increase CP and ATK
  • DEF Gem that you can embed to the gear to increase DEF and CP
  • HP Gem that you can embed to the gear to increase HP and CP
  • X3 Gear Enhance Stones that you can use to enhance the gears

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So this would be all in this post on Mystic Realm Gift Codes guide for the newbies.

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