Space Mining(DIGSTAR) Game By MetapsPlus Inc.

Space Mining DIGSTAR GameSpace Mining(DIGSTAR) is a brand new game for Android and iOS by MetapsPlus Inc. Here’s a brief Space Mining(DIGSTAR) Game overview

MetapsPlus Inc. has just released a unique mobile game, named as Space Mining(DIGSTAR) that tasks the player to dig resources on different planets, build spaceships to move to a new galaxy, and discover all the creatures, spaceships. It features a simple UI(with less clutter on the screen – looks good), amazing graphics, characters/miners, animations, and many more functions that you will love. Since the game is idle in nature, it may be boring in the early stage until you discover the challenging tasks. For those who love playing idle games, this one would be a great choice. Let’s learn more about the Space Mining(DIGSTAR) game.

  • Type – Online
  • Genre – Idle/Casual
  • Size – 50MB(Approx.)-Android

You need an active internet connection to play this game. You will have to log in first; as a guest, using Facebook or Google Play Games.

Gameplay – Space Mining(DIGSTAR)

Your objective is to discover all the spaceships, creatures featured in the game. The game does not cover these two aspects in the tutorial. If you tap the menu button, there you will find the laboratory menu and creatures. Researching with XP will let you discover new spaceships. And, sending the creatures on quests will yield you EXP.

You will discover new planets as you build the spaceships. On the screen, there would be a planet with resources slots and spaceship launcher. You will hire the miners to hunt the resources on the planet. Then you will sell and upgrade. Completing the goal, mentioned at the top-left, will let you assemble the spaceship. It is needed to move to a new planet. After discovering the planets, you will move to a new galaxy.

The game also features a base-building feature. You have your own planet. There you will build buildings in three areas/sectors; residence, industrial and laboratory.

In addition to the new spaceships, creatures, the game also offers customization feature; you can buy costumes for the character(at your own planet); face, hair, equipment, cloth, accessory.


The premium in-game currency in Space Mining(DIGSTAR) is the cookie. You can use the cookies to hire advanced miners, to get materials for research, and completing the research instantly. You can buy this item by spending real money(IAP range – $5 – $40-approx.). The game also lets you earn it by completing the daily quests, achievements. 


Space Mining(DIGSTAR) is a pretty good Idle game with its unique Idle theme and relaxing gameplay. There are lots of things to do; mining, researching, quests, managing, building, and much more. You can get it for free from – Here(Google Play Store).

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