Undead World Tier List Guide [March 2024]

Our Undead World Tier List guide ranks all the best characters featured in Undead World Hero Survival. Read on for the Undead World Tier List guide. 

Undead World Tier List

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Undead World Hero Survival Tier List Guide⇓

The following Undead World Tier List is based on the current version of the game and ranks characters in five tiers; tier 1 features the characters that we think are the best ones in the game. Tier 2 features good characters that in our opinion can do well in multiple game modes. Tier 3 features decent characters that in our opinion are good for early to mid-game, but not as good as tier 1 characters. Tier 4 features the average rating characters with average performance in the battles. And at last, tier 5, which features the below-average characters. 

Before we head to the following Undead World Tier List, first learn about the hero roles; Tank, melee, AoE, support, and range. Melee role characters or heroes are good at fighting enemies in close range; they have good HP and DMG stats. Tank role characters are good at taunting enemies and taking most of the DMG. AoE role characters are good at inflicting area DMG on the enemies. Support role characters are good at buffing allies. Ranged role characters stand in the backline and inflict a good volume of DMG on the enemies. Also, see – Undead World Codes

Now, let’s not waste any time and check out the Undead World Tier List guide: –

Undead World Tier List⇓

  • Abigail : Tier 1
  • Britney : Tier 1
  • Meredith : Tier 1
  • Rock : Tier 1
  • Henry : Tier 1
  • Gabriel : Tier 1
  • Astra : Tier 1
  • Lita : Tier 1
  • Tyler : Tier 2
  • Helen : Tier 2
  • Webster : Tier 2
  • Kieran : Tier 2
  • Murray : Tier 2
  • Nadeem : Tier 2
  • Leigh : Tier 2
  • Cady : Tier 2
  • Conor : Tier 3
  • Jones : Tier 4
  • Tanya : Tier 4
  • Sam : Tier 4
  • Nils : Tier 4

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Undead World Characters List⇓


Helen is one of the best characters in Undead World Hero Survival who can heal friendly units and at the time of elimination, resurrects as a zombie to cause massive DMG on the enemies. 


Astra is a support unit and one of the best heroes in Undead World with skills that resurrect dead allies and provide them a buff for a certain amount of time. He can also decrease the ATK of enemies. 


Conor is a tier 3 unit in the game with a DEF boost, high survivability, counter-attack, stun, etc. 


Gabriel is an offensive tank character in the game with taunt effect, buffs that provide protection buff/HP shield, self shield/HP heal, and more. 


Tanya is an offensive unit that can inflict a good amount of DMG on the enemies. 


Murray is another offensive unit that can inflict good volume DMG on the enemies and possess CC effects. 


Meredith can grant shields to allies and boost the DEF. 


Britney is another good offensive unit that can inflict a great amount of DMG on the non-friendly units. 


Leight can restore the HP of allies. 


Nadeem is a support unit with healing skills and utilities that buff allies. 


Tyler is a DPS unit with a good amount of DMG output. 


Henry is an offensive unit with good performance during the battle. 


Sam is a DPS unit with good AoE DMG output and self-boosting skills. 


Rock is an offensive character that excels in inflicting DMG over time. 


Kerian is a DPS unit that can inflict good DMG; Bleed DMG, Stun, etc. 


Lita is a support unit that can boost the CRIT and ATK of allies. 


Abigail is a tier 1 defender unit. 


Cady is a tier 2 unit. 


Jones; average defender. 


Not worthy. 


Tier 2

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So that’s all we got in this post on Undead World Hero Survival Tier List. 

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5 thoughts on “Undead World Tier List Guide [March 2024]”

  1. Abigail is an S tier tank in all categories. Cady is S tier in Zombie express and A tier in tower. Webster is S tier in PvP and A-B in story. Lita and Meredith are S tier support.

    My credentials:
    Currently chapter 21-4
    Tower 167

    • Seconded on this as well. Like to add Helen and Tyler feel like Tier 1 quality. Tyler better than most other tanks and deals great damage. Helen has great damage and CC and the revive is key. And then the obvious about Murray.

      Story: 17-21
      Tower: 210