Our YULGANG GLOBAL best class guide covers all the classes’ strengths and weaknesses. Find out the best class based on your gameplay. 


YULGANG GLOBAL Classes: Best Class

YULGANG GLOBAL lets you pick one out of seven available classes; each class comes with unique characteristics and styles. Let’s look at the available classes first and then find out each class’s strengths or weaknesses; in the last, we will reveal the YULGANG Global best class.; 

  • Warden – Tank Class
  • Sabre – DMG Class
  • Lancer – Melee Class
  • Archer – Range DPS Class
  • Doctor – Healer Class
  • Assassin – Melee Class
  • Warlock – DMG Class
  • Boxer – Melee DMG Class(eighth class; unlocks after level 60, and the player must complete Abell training by Hwarim Plain Chosungha to change class to Abell)


Warden is a tank class with high HP and DEF attributes; thanks to that, playing as a Warden allows you to absorb more DMG from the enemies or lead from the front when fighting in the team. Warden’s durability is excellent, DMG is decent, and the skill kit is very helpful.  

  • Skills & Strengths of this class/sub-class; DMG, high HP/DEF, slow down the enemies, raise the DEF of allies, stun the target. 

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Sabre, like Warden, is another class that uses a melee weapon, but its characteristics are different; Sabre is more of a DMG class while Warden is more of a tank class. Sabre is easy to use, can inflict a good amount of DMG on the enemies, and is beginner-friendly.

  • Skills & Strengths of this class/sub-class; targets multiple enemies, decreases target’s DEF, ranged DMG, Bleed effect, DMG x3 times, stun enemies, self-healing. 

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Lancer is a DMG dealer class with skills that cause an enormous amount of DMG on the enemies, apply stun effect, unleash airborne effect, and possess debuff immunity knack. 

Archer Class

Archer is a ranged DPS class. 

Skills & Strengths; summons a pet for assistance, unleashes powerful arrow strikes that cause DMG and slow down enemies, stun, fear effect, airborne, dispel target’s buff, makes the enemy fall into sleep, etc.

Doctor Class

Doctor is a supporter class with healing and crowd control skills. 

Skills & Strengths; healing allies and self, immobilizing the enemies, poisoning the target, shielding self and allies, increasing defense, removing debuffs from allies are some of this class’s skills. 

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Assassin Class

Assassin is a melee DPS class. 

Skills & Strengths; Place a poisonous formation that causes DMG to the enemies over time and slows them down. Restores health, invisible mode, immobilizes a single target, DMG to multiple targets, airborne, stun effect, decreases HP of foes, etc. 

Warlock Class

Warlock is a DPS class. 

Skills & Strengths; slow down the target, DMG, DMG to all surrounding enemies, immune to debuff, etc.

Boxer Class

Boxer is a DPS class. 

Skills & Strengths; melee strikes, increases stats(self), DMG x2 times to the target, reduces enemy’s dodge, increases self dodge,  inflict DMG 5 times to the target, stun the target, reduces CD for battle status switch + heal + remove debuff, slow down the target, etc. 

YULGANG Global best class:

  • Doctor is the best supporter class.
  • Archer is the best ranged DPS class.
  • Warden is the best tank class.
  • Sabre is the best beginner-friendly class.
  • Assassin is the best melee DMG dealer class with crowd control skills.
  • Boxer is the best melee DMG class(but unlocks after level 30).

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So that’s all we got in this post on YULGANG Global best class guide. 

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