Limbus Company Characters List

Read on for Limbus Company Characters List.

Limbus Company Characters List

Characters = Sinners. All these characters have multiple IDs and E.G.O. You can get these IDs and E.G.O. from the gacha. Navigate to the Extract tab of the game. Spend Lunacyy/Roses or the Deca Extraction tickets. 

  • Yi Sang
  • Faust
  • Don Quixote
  • Ryōshū
  • Meursault
  • Hong Lu
  • Heathcliff
  • Ishmael
  • Rodion
  • Emil Sinclair
  • Outis
  • Gregor

Yi Sang Character Profile

Yi Sang

Yi Sang was previously the youngest chief researcher at the [REDACTED] Wing and possesses a higher level of intelligence than most individuals. It is estimated that conversing with him on a regular basis may prove to be challenging for managers who have undergone our current screening process. However, avoiding communication altogether could also pose its own set of risks. If Yi Sang becomes silent for an extended period of time, it may indicate that he is deeply contemplating something, and we advise exercising patience until he is ready to speak.

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Faust Character Profile

Faust is the individual responsible for developing the engine of Mephistopheles, the bus operated by Limbus Company. According to her, there is no one in the City who can match her vast library of knowledge and wisdom, and she’s not entirely wrong. While her haughty attitude when conversing with others may be off-putting, her subtle gestures of arrogance towards everyone indicate that she is unlikely to change. We recommend acknowledging her remarks and moving on. Despite her unparalleled genius, we have yet to figure out how to utilize her skills. Perhaps you could be the one to uncover her full potential?

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Don Quixote Character Profile

Don Quixote’s level of passion is unmatched by any other sinner. She is a devoted Fixer enthusiast and enjoys adorning herself with various Fixer-related merchandise. However, her decorations won’t affect her combat performance, so there’s no need to restrict her from wearing them. Due to her deep immersion in the role of a righteous Fixer, she tends to exaggerate her mannerisms, much like an actor. It is recommended that you play along with her for a successful mission. Although it’s debatable whether such a person as she ever existed, her fervor is undeniable.

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Ryōshū Character Profile

As the Executive Manager, it’s important to respect every person’s creed, but there are some creeds that may be difficult to sympathize with. The sinner known as Ryōshū is a quiet chain smoker whose eyes light up with euphoria only during battles. She believes that senselessly destroying the enemy’s heads is a crude act and a step backward for art. If you find yourself struggling to understand her perspective, there is a red button in your welcome kit that you can press. However, it’s important to note that Ryōshū has a troubled background that even our company may struggle to handle, so it’s best not to provoke any personal resentment from her.

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Meursault Character Profile


Meursault prefers clear and straightforward commands that do not require him to make any judgments or decisions.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

Hong Lu Character Profile

Hong Lu is a sinner who lived a privileged life before becoming an asset of our company. He has a certain admiration for a life of freedom, but he may occasionally ask ignorant and distasteful questions about the food cooked by another sinner or other aspects of the less privileged culture. This can be quite irritating for the other sinners. However, it’s important to note that Hong Lu’s inquiries are driven purely by curiosity and don’t contain any sarcastic undertones, so it’s best not to let the situation escalate into a physical altercation.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

Heathcliff Character Profile

Heathcliff is a sinner who prefers to rely on his gut instincts rather than logic when making decisions. He wears his thoughts and emotions on his sleeve and doesn’t shy away from expressing them, which can be challenging when building a rapport with him. However, it’s important to understand that his straightforwardness doesn’t necessarily indicate any significant impairment in his cognitive abilities. In case his behavior becomes too aggressive, the human resources department should be contacted. Once you recognize that he has a straightforward way of thinking, interacting with him should become more manageable.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

Ishmael Character Profile

Ishmael is a reliable sinner who can execute missions without much fuss. She is a rational thinker, so seeking her counsel is recommended. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that Ishmael has experienced a strange and arduous journey at sea, which has likely tested her patience. While she may be forgiving, it will be challenging to regain her trust if you make a mistake.

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Rodion Character Profile


Rodion, being from Backstreets, displays a strong affection towards money, gambling, and betting, so it is important to keep a close eye on her as the manager. She may sometimes try to avoid orders with a playful wink or joke, so it may be necessary to assert authority with a firm approach. Additionally, she may experience periodic mood swings, and it is best to allow her time to recover rather than attempting to intervene.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

Emil Sinclair Character Profile

Emil Sinclair is a sinner who seems to be easily startled or upset when spoken to. He appears to be inexperienced in real combat, so even the sight of something as mild as spilled innards may cause him to struggle to keep his composure. Given that some members of your crew may have violent tendencies, it’s important to use positive reinforcement with Emil to help him adjust to the realities of your company’s work. However, despite his apparent unease, there is a glint in his eye that suggests a hidden potential for greatness. With the right guidance and stimuli, he may yet grow into an expert in our profession.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

Outis Character Profile

Outis is a sinner who could be an exceptional advisor for your mission, provided that you are capable of handling her meddlesome nature. It is recommended to keep her satisfied with short agreements to prevent any unwanted interference. Her expertise lies in tactics and various pearls of wisdom about life, making her advice invaluable for your mission. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of workshop technologies and could be trusted with simple repairs of the bus.

However, it is essential to note that accessing records regarding her past is prohibited. Outis is a cunning individual, and while her intelligence is useful for completing missions, it can also be used for other purposes. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a close eye on her and ensure that she remains focused on the mission at hand.

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Gregor Character Profile

Gregor – This sinner’s malleable personality is relatively easy to manage, but be aware of his unique physical transformation tendencies. In response to emotional triggers or environmental changes, his body may transform into insectile tissues, resembling the carapace of a certain insect species. To maintain a professional and respectful relationship, it is crucial to conceal any feelings of disgust that may arise from his appearance. While he may use cynical language at times, he can be reasoned with and managed effectively once you understand his communication style.

  • Limbus Company Characters List Rank: ?

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