Another Life – Life Simulator Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Another Life – Life Simulator is a brand new text-based life simulator game for Android & iOS. Read on for Another Life cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Another Life - Life SimulatorAnother Life – Life Simulator is a simple yet addictive game where you create the character with customized gender, name, location and progress through the random events as you age. In this text-based simulation game, you have plenty of things to do; you can take achievements as a challenge, career as a challenge, life growth as a challenge. You can start a family; date a girl/boy, hook-up, marry, have kids, buy a house, cars, become a millionaire, and live a luxury life. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Another Life guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Another Life cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

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Another Life – Life Simulator Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

There are a couple of things that you must know; first, your goal. As said above, there are plenty of things to do and it’s better to focus on each one in life. For example – if you want to be a millionaire; study hard, specializes in business, find a job, become CEO, get promoted, and rich/millionaire by working hard. We would recommend you to take achievements as a mission and try to complete them all. Tap the trophy button on the right-side menu to check all the achievements. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all the Another Life – Life Simulator tips, cheats & tricks: –

Learn How To Increase The Stats

At the top of the screen, you can check the character’s profile. If you tap the profile banner, stats screen will appear where you can check the character’s stats such as Karma, Health, Happiness, Appearance, Intelligence, Charisma. These stats help you get into a career, job, university, completing achievements. For example – if your intelligence level is low, you might get rejected in arts/engineering/business school. Low happiness can lead you to depression. Let’s learn how to increase the stats. 

How To Increase Karma –

Karma in Another Life – Life Simulator game increases or decreases based on the choices you made during the whole life. As you age, you will encounter a lot of random events where you will have to make a choice. Bad choices decrease the karma, while good decisions increase the karma.

So don’t make the choices randomly; read the situation and pick the wise option. For example; thief event. In this event, the character sees a thief pickpocketing and the choices are; stop him, look away, and tackle. If you stop him, your Karma will increase as pickpocketing is bad and you must stop the people doing this bad thing. 

Also, you can increase the karma by donating the money to charity. Tap the menu button(three dots on the right-center side) -> toggles -> turn on the charity. 

How To Increase Health – 

Health is one of the main stats of the character in Another Life – Life Simulator that you must keep in a good score if you don’t’ want to catch the diseases. There are several ways to increase health; start extra classes like Martial Arts, Clown School. Start going to the Gym. 

Extra Classes – tap the graduation cap button in the right-side menu -> go to the extra classes tab and there you can find the extra classes. 

Gym – Tap the three dots button in the right-side menu -> toggles -> there you can turn on the gym function to start going to the gym. If you don’t have a job, then we would recommend you to get the job first as these things burn a lot of money. 

How To Increase Happiness: –

If you don’t want to go into depression in Another Life – Life Simulator, then you must keep the character’s happiness score well. You can increase happiness by making the right decisions in the random events that pop-out as you age. Also, by going to the gym, on a date, adopting a pet, you can increase happiness. But the best way is to make good decisions in the events. 

How To Increase Intelligence: –

In Another Life – Life Simulator, you can increase the intelligence by attending the extra classes like tutoring, clown school. Head to the academic cap screen and navigate to the extra classes tab. There you can toggle the buttons next to tutoring and clown school. 

Keep in mind that these extra classes cost a lot of money. You might get into the debt if you don’t have a job. 

How To Increase Appearance: –

You can increase the appearance by getting plastic surgery. Tap the three dots button in the right-center -> plastic surgery -> go for the higher-tier surgery for more appearance. 

How To Increase Charisma: –

You can increase the charisma by going to speech class and clown school. Head to the academic cap screen -> extra classed -> speech class/clown school. 

Master The Relationship In Another Life

In Another Life – Life Simulator, you can use the dating function to find love. Tap the hearts button in the right-side -> find love -> tap love button until a girl/boy gets ready to interact with you; start dating, one-nightstand/hook-up, etc. If you want to marry, start dating -> keep dating -> go for propose -> if rejected, keep dating -> wedding once accepted. Your wife can help you with the money when you buy something; like a car, house, etc. 

Educate Your Character

Once you graduate from high school, you must specialize in arts/science/engineering/business for a high-tier job. Elementary and High School qualification can only give you general category jobs. Head to the education tab by tapping the academic button and there you can turn on the study to study hard, specialize in the arts/business/engineering/science field. 

Get A Job ASAP

As soon as you specialize in one of the education fields, head to the suitcase menu and find a job. Based on the qualifications, select a job and check its requirements. For example – if you had done graduation in Science, then apply for the jobs that require a Science degree. 

Ask For Promotion

Another Life - Life SimulatorAs you spend more time on the job(tap the age button), you should ask for a promotion. Head to the suitcase menu -> promotion -> to raise the salary. If rejected, increase charisma or ask again after a few years. 

Complete The Achievements To Get Life Points

In the upper-right corner of the screen, you can check the number of life points you have. These life points can help you buy the precious boosters/items from the shop. To get the life points in Another Life – Life Simulator game, check out the achievements by tapping the trophy button and complete them. 

To spend or use the life points, tap the shopping bag button in the bottom-right corner -> there you can buy precious items: –

  • All-Seeing Eye to view the consequences of the actions you take in the events
  • Emblem of Justice to become hero
  • Power Scouter 
  • Money Magnet
  • Outlaw’s Mask

Also, after you die, your child gives you life points. 

Become Hero In Another Life – Life Simulator

Another Life - Life SimulatorOnce you unlock certain achievements, you can unlock the hero function. Purchase the emblem of justice item from the shop to become a hero. 

In Another Life – Life Simulator, the three stats; Appearance, Charisma, Intelligence impact the Physical, Transform, Elemental stats of your character, as a hero. Appearance -> Physical. Charisma -> transform. Intelligence -> Elemental. 

We will update this section once we have more info. If you know the hero system, comment below. 

Manage The Finances In Another Life

Tap the $ button in the right-side menu to check your net worth, net income. Kee an eye on net income; salary amount is incoming and expenses amount is outgoing. If you don’t want to be in a debt, lower your expenses than the salary. On the same menu, there are two tabs; cars, houses. From there you can buy cars, houses. 

So these are some Another Life cheats, tips & tricks, and Another Life – Life Simulator guide for beginners. 

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