Bangbang Rabbit cheats: tips, guide & strategy

X-Land’s latest game title Bangbang Rabbit is finally out! Read on for Bangbang Rabbit cheats, tips, and guide for beginners

Bangbang Rabbit Cheats Tips Guide

Bangbang Rabbit cheats, guide, and tips: – 

In this article on the Bangbang Rabbit game, you will get to know about the progression, tips to clear hard stages, how to choose the best abilities, and other aspects such as making upgrades, equipment, Rabbit character building, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Bangbang Rabbit cheats, tips, and guides: – 

Get Started With The Bangbang Rabbit Walkthrough Guide

As of writing this guide, Bangbang Rabbit focuses on the PvE content; mainly features x11 chapters and event mode with sub-challenges. At first, you will be defeating the enemies and their bosses in the chapter mode – each chapter has a unique set of stages/levels where you fight lots of types of enemies that come from all the sides and try to devour your main character. But, you will not let them finish you; the rabbit assassin has got amazing weapons to fight the enemies and make it to the next stages! While in the stage, you will be tapping the arrow keys to unleash the attacks and crush the enemies or you can enable the auto mode that sets the main character on auto-battle mode; when this auto-mode is enabled, the normal attacks are unleashed by the main character manually; also the rage attack. 

As you smash the enemies and eliminate them from the combat field, your character will gain energy; at the bottom-center, see that main special skill? You can cast it once you have enough energy. But do it at the right time; when you are surrounded by lots of enemies and low on health. Using this skill on weak enemies; fewer enemies would be a bad idea. 

Pick The Best Abilities In Bangbang Rabbit

Bangbang Rabbit Cheats Tips Guide

That’s important! Very Important! You can make your character invincible and crush the most powerful enemies and their giant bosses if you pick the abilities strategically. You get to choose an ability when the main character levels up in the battle. Some of the best abilities that we think are the best ones are –

  • Revive – this is the best ability in our opinion. What does it do? It revives the main character when it falls down in the battle – with a portion of health restored and gains invincibility for 2 seconds. With this ability and one revive that you can get by watching a video ad – you can revive 2x times in a battle.
  • Healing abilities: there are many healing abilities available that you can pick and get the healing during the battle. For example – Invigorate is one of the abilities that continuously heal the main character every 30 seconds. At level 1, you get 2.07K HP/second(lasts for x5 seconds). 
  • Attack Boost: this ability increases the attack
  • Energize: probably not the best but could be a game-changer; only helps when HP is full. This ability reduces the DMG taken by 75% when HP is full! You may want to pick this if you have healing abilities and you think that character can reach full HP. 

What we recommend is to stack the abilities that increase DMG and provide healing or revive! Share your best abilities’ suggestions in the comments below!

Note: if you get to pick an ability that you have already picked, then it will level up and give you more bonuses. 

Double The Effect Whenever Possible

Bangbang Rabbit Cheats Tips Guide

Some abilities’ effect can be doubled by watching the video ad; after picking the ability or making a choice, you get the option to accept it or double its effect by watching the video ad. Make sure to use this offer and get more powerful. It’s optional though! 

Check Out The Shop Often

In the treasure shop, there is a gold coins store where you get the materials deals; high-quality materials are available there for purchase; in exchange for gold coins. Navigate to the Store menu in the lower-right corner -> treasure -> gold coins store. 

Upgrade The Magic Stone To Improve The Stats

Bangbang Rabbit Cheats Tips Guide

The base stats of the Rabbit in the Bangbang Rabbit game can be improved with coins and upgrade items. In the lower-left corner, tap the magic stone button -> there you can make upgrades and get powerful. 

Guide To Gears In Bangbang Rabbit

High-tier gears can improve the stats of the character by a massive figure. At first, you have the common-tier gears, which are the worst. Then you have uncommon, rare, epic, and golden. Golden gears are hard to craft, but they are very powerful. Then you have epic tier gears, which are better than rare, uncommon, and common gears. After epic, you have rare gears, then uncommon, and common. 

Golden > epic > rare > uncommon > common. You can identity the gear tier by color; common ones are white, uncommon gears are green, rare; blue, epic; purple, and golden; yellow. 

Crafting Gears In Bangbang Rabbit

To craft the gears, you need crafting material items, which also come in different-different tiers; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and golden. Based on the gear tier that you want to craft, you will need to gather the materials. Head to the gear tab -> there you will see the list of gears that you can craft with gear shards; gears include a weapon(like a sword, fist, staff, sickle, hammer), armor, hat, boots, ring, necklace, etc. 

Getting Gear Shards

You can get gear shards by playing the chapter; at high-level chapters, epic and golden gear shards are dropped. Repeat them and grind the shards. For example – chapter 11, chapter 10. 

  • Chapter 1-4: common to uncommon
  • Chapter 4 – 7: uncommon to rare
  • Chapter 8 – 10: rare to epic
  • Chapter 10-11: epic to golden

Or, go to the store -> chest -> open the chest with gems or watch the video ads. 

Recycle The Useless Gears

Once you have obtained the high-tier gears, you would not need useless low-tier gears. Head to the store -> recycle -> recycle them for gold coins. 

Claim The AFK Rewards

When you are offline and not playing the game, Bangbang Rabbits accumulate currency offline; based on the current chapter progress. You earn free gold coins and mana. In the top-right corner -> tap the drop-down menu option -> tap the chest -> claim. 

Get Free Gems And High-Tier Gear Shards

By completing the weekly quests, you can earn free gems as well as golden tier gear shards. Tap the scroll quest button in the top-right corner -> check the weekly quests and complete them for free stuff. You can use the gems to get chests containing high-tier gear shards. 

Time-Lapse Cheat In Bangbang Rabbit

Unfortunately, this cheat does not work in this game. 

Claim Free Packs Daily

Tap the gift icon in the top-left corner to open the IAPs menu. Here you can get one free daily pack for free by watching a video ad. Also, go to the gem tab in the same menu -> there you can get x60 gems by watching a video ad.

So that’s all we got in this post on Bangbang Rabbit cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

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