Cat Spa Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Cat Spa game is published by Hyperbeard on mobile. Read on for Cat Spa game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

Cat Spa Game

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Cat Spa Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this guide, you will learn “how to play the Cat Spa game”, “increase ratings fast”, about “employees”, “customers”, and other aspects such as tips on progression, expansion, employee training, furniture, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get started: Cat Spa game guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies info: – 

Getting Started With How To Play Guide⇓

In the Cat Spa game, you will be running a spa center that’s run by cute cats who give massage to the customers. Your goal is to increase the Cat Spa’s ratings and expand it further to provide other services as well. For instance, when you start the game, you will be providing massage services to the customers and when you expand and unlock the hair shop, you will be able to provide hair services. And, then Kiosk. 

Tips To Increase Spa’s Rating Quickly⇓

Cat Spa Game

⇒The best way to increase the spa’s ratings in Cat Spa game is by completing the daily goals; completing all the goals will give you 50 rating points. 

⇒Other than completing the goals, you can increase the Cat Spa’s ratings by “buying high-quality furniture items”, achievements, by talking to the employees during the break.

Navigate to the furniture menu of the game -> there you will find a bunch of furniture items that you can buy with apples; each furniture item is available in many qualities; the higher the quality, the more rating points you get. For instance; the mat is available in x5 qualities; wooden mat, fluffy bread, high-quality bed, lovely grass, and a yellow soft-boiled egg.

Increasing the spa’s rating is one of the challenges in the game as you will need to raise the ratings to expand; for instance, you can unlock the hair shop once you reach the 200 rating milestone. 

Apples In Cat Spa Game⇓

Cat Spa Game

⇒Apple is the common currency in the Cat Spa game that customers give to you as you provide them the massage or hair services. Each service has a price tag; for instance, Lemon Oil, Aloe, Pink Salt, etc. Tap on the menu board and a list of services will appear on your screen. Tap on a service to check its price and time. By raising the skill level, players can raise the service price and earn more apples. 

⇒Earn more apples by adding quality furniture items and decorative items. For instance, adding a pond will yield you an additional apple. There is a huge list; train, lamp, prop, mirror, chair, and, many more. Just tap the furniture menu and check the list. 

⇒You can hire employees with apples. Also, buying new furniture items and expanding to new services cost apple. 

Tips To Accumulate More Apples⇓

The counter is one of the useful furniture items in the Cat Spa game that can help you accumulate apples. When you place it in the spa center, the customer will start giving apples as a tip to you. The higher the quality of the counter, the more apples you can accumulate. These counters are wooden counter, high-grade counter, pro counter, baby pig, and highest-grade counter. 

Churu In Cat Spa Game⇓

Churu is the second common in-game currency in the game that customers give to you in exchange for the massage services. You can use the Churu to hire employees or train the employees. 

Wool In Cat Spa Game⇓

You can get wool for free by serving customers in the hairstyle field or as a daily reward from the shop or by watching the video Ad. Description; wool in the Cat Spa game is used to produce wigs. You can produce a wig once you expand to Kiosk. After producing the wig, you can place it on the “sale” slot at Kiosk and sell it for apples. 

Keep An Eye On Mischievous Customers⇓

Cat Spa Game Guide Tips Cheats

Mischievous customers are different from the normal customers that visit your spa. They try to create chaos and hurt your business. For instance; Ketchup Hotdog, Prince Giraffe that lays down and sleeps on a mat. When you see any mischievous customers, start tapping them and kick them out. 

Keep An Eye On Special Customers⇓

There are special customers in the Cat Spa game that visit your spa center from time to time. For instance, Emperor Felininus is one of the special customers – if you tap him, you will get ratings or apples. 

Special customers and mischievous customers would not receive services. 

Normal Customers In Cat Spa Game⇓

Unlike special customers, normal customers do receive services and fetch you apples and Churu. Tap on the menu button in the top-right corner -> dictionary -> there you can check the list of customers that you have acquired so far. 

Unlock New Customers In Cat Spa Game⇓

Cat Spa Game Guide Tips Cheats

In the Cat Spa game, you can unlock new customers by learning new service recipes, buying furniture items. Tap the menu button in the upper-right corner, tap dictionary -> tap on a locked customer to check their favorite massage and furniture item requirement. 

Employees Guide For Beginners⇓

⇒In the Cat Spa game, you can hire the employees with Churu. These employees can help you clear the garbage, provide services and attract customers. 

⇒Make sure to put them on the rest. Switch to the right side of the massage center to navigate to the employee screen. There you can add a cushion, bookcase, snack bar, rug, and carpet for bonuses. 

⇒Tap the “employee” tab button in the lower-left corner; it has three tabs; In the apple tab, you can give employees the raise by spending the apple and increase their work time, reduce the rest time, and also get the rating points. 

Cat Spa Game

In the second tab of the employee menu, you can train the employees by spending Churu. And, in the scissor tab, you can hire the employees. 

Talk To During Break Quest

Cat Spa Game

Talk to during break is one of the common quests that you get to complete in the Cat Spa game. To complete this quest, put the employees on rest and wait until a message bubble icon appears. Tap it to talk to them during the break. It might give you rating points. 

Gamma Uto Game⇓

Cat Spa Game

Gamma Uto is one of the characters in the Cat Spa game that appears randomly during the gameplay – he will come out from a UFO. Once appeared, tap him to interact and he will give you the opportunity to earn loads of apples by playing the game that he has made. Agree to play the game with him -> choose the right object that passes through that door -> get the apples. Most of the time, the daily quests challenge you to play the game Gamma Uto.

Tips To Get Customers⇓

Tap the promote button in the lower-right corner to get customers. Also, there are some special customers that visit the spa center that can help you get more customers. For instance, Fan Cat Flora and Human-faced Bird. Whenever they visit, accept their offer. 

Get Freebies In The Cat Spa Game⇓

⇒Tap the (+) option next to the apple status bar in the upper-left corner -> it will take you to the shop where you can get free apples and wool + watch the video ad to get more apples and wool. 

And, sometimes, video ad offers appear on the screen; watch it to get free bonuses. 

⇒Complete the quests, achievements to earn wool, Churu, ratings, and apples. 

Cat Spa Game Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Cat Spa game does not support cheats or the cheat codes input. Devs might add a gift code or coupon code or promo code function later, based on other games published by Hyperbeard. 

So this would be all in this post on “Cat Spa game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners”. Got more tips or tricks? Comment below.

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    • solo tócalo y haz clic en siguiente, luego haz clic en ver agregar y verlo y obtendrás sus recompensas. Puede que parezca que no hace nada, pero se deshace de los clientes como el girrafe que tienes que tocar mucho para deshacerte de ellos.