Crossfire Warzone Tips & Tricks: Cheats, Guide & Strategy

Crossfire Warzone is a brand new game for Android & iOS, published by Joycity Corp. Read on for Crossfire Warzone guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Joycity Corp., the publisher of Hero Ball Z, recently published a new game called Crossfire Warzone on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a base-building genre game where you get to develop the base in a warzone and fight terrorists. If you are familiar with base-building games such as Last Shelter Survival, State of Survival, then you would certainly have an idea of what you need to do in this game. If you are new to it, then this Crossfire Warzone guide will help you understand the basics. Also, we have shared a bunch of Crossfire Warzone tips, cheats & strategies. So, without any further ado, let’s get started with the walkthrough guide. 

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Crossfire Warzone Guide Tips CheatsFirst things first – In Crossfire Warzone, you will be playing as a Commander and the main objective is to keep getting stronger each day you play the game. It offers PvP, PvE, and alliance battles. The PvP battles are fun and challenging as you will be fighting other players’ army set-up. In the battles, you will send the officers with an army of troops to fight the enemies. So, you must focus on the officers as well. Second, the premium currency in the Crossfire Warzone game is “gold” – you can get it by watching the video ads or from the events/quests/progression. Since it’s premium and hard to get, you should not spend it recklessly. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Crossfire Warzone tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Spend Gold Wisely In Crossfire Warzone

We would advise you to use gold bricks in raising the honor level of the commander as it gives you permanent perks. On the other hand, if you spend the gold bricks for temporary benefits like speeding-up the construction or upgrades, then it would not be a wise choice. 

In the upper-left corner, tap on the commander avatar to open the commander profile page. On the commander profile menu, in the upper-left corner, tap the “honor” badge -> purchase -> spend gold bricks to buy the honor points and raise the honor level for permanent benefits. For example – Honor level 3 increases resource collecting speed, collecting capacity, max capacity, movement speed, more EXP gain, and many more perks. Crossfire Warzone Guide Tips Cheats

Learn About The Officers In Crossfire Warzone

There are three types of officers in Crossfire Warzone; soldier, vehicle, and helicopter. Soldier-type officers can lead soldier-type troops in the battle. Vehicle-type officers lead vehicle-type troop units in the battle. And, helicopter-type officers lead helicopter-type troops in the battle. On the top-left corner of the officer’s icon, players can check the officer’s type. 

  • Soldier type units have an advantage over helicopter type units
  • Helicopter type units have an advantage over vehicle type units
  • Vehicle type units have an advantage over soldier-type units

Crossfire Warzone Guide Tips CheatsTip – make sure to scout the target first and check the unit’s type. Deploy stronger type units in the squad for advantage. For instance, the target is using more soldier-type units, then send more vehicle type units and vehicles have an advantage over soldier type units. 

Troop Management Guide For Beginners

Vehicle, Soldier, and Helicopter are the three main troops in the early game. You can train soldiers in the academy and they will stay in the barracks. Produce vehicles in vehicle plant and they will stay at vehicle depot. Produce helicopters in helicopter plant and they will stay at the heliport. 

  • Upgrade the academy to train more soldiers at a time and unlock high-tier troops. Once you unlock high tier troops, start producing them instead of spending resources in training the low-tier soldiers
  • Upgrade the vehicle plant to produce more vehicles at a time and unlock high-tier vehicles. Start producing them once you unlock them
  • And, upgrade the helicopter plant to produce more helicopters at a time and unlock high-tier helicopters. Start producing high-tier helicopters when you unlock them
  • Check out the barracks, vehicle depot, and heliport to check the status; the number of units that you have. Upgrade these buildings to increase the troop maximum capacity. Also, you can tier-up the troops in these facilities. High-tier units have better stats; they and survive for long and inflict more damage

Upgrade The Depot To Protect More Resources

In Crossfire Warzone, players can invade each other bases and plunder the resources such as wheat, steel, and treasury. The depot building at your base protects these resources(dollar, what, steel) from being plundered. But, there is a certain limit – raise the depot level and it will protect more resources. 

Deploy The Defense

Tap the officers’ quarters building -> base defense -> place the officers in the slots; they will fight the enemies when they invade your base. Also, start producing the missiles in the defense station. 

Make The Officers Stronger

Tap the officers’ quarter building -> troops info -> there you can level up the officers by granting them officer EXP(obtain by defeating the terrorists or enemies on the map/secret laboratory/other missions). Assign units -> a hero can lead a certain number of units(level up to increase the limit). Go to the promote tab -> star-up the officer and unlock new skills; requires the tokens. Other than that, upgrade their equipment(reach officer level 10 to unlock equipment). 

Start Researching In Crossfire Warzone

Tap the research lab; spend the resources in researching and get the bonuses. Arms type; enhance the combat abilities and movement speed. Ruling; improve the production of resources. Import; get more resources. War; related to ally battle abilities. 

Use Skills In Tactics R&D Center

In the tactics R&D center facility, weapons are stored. You can use the skills using the stored weapons; tap the R&D center -> manage weapons -> use. 

Eliminate The Terrorists On The Base

Now and then, terrorists invade your base – keep an eye on them(tap and snipe for the resources). 

Progression Guide For Newbies

In Crossfire Warzone, there are many things to do, here’s the summary: –

  • Upgrade the facilities/buildings – commander post, academy, officer’s quarter, workshop, etc. 
  • Keep training, producing the troops
  • Do the chapter quests and missions(lower-left corner)
  • Craft equipment in the workshop(equip gears to the commander; tap the commander avatar in the top-left -> equip)
  • Join an alliance and rally with other players
  • Start grinding and fighting – go to the map and tap the binoculars in the lower-right corner; find and eliminate terrorists, collect resources from the resource sites, fight other players
  • Level up commander by grinding commander EXP(complete chapter quests, secret laboratory challenges, daily missions). 
  • Activate commander traits using trait points(earn by leveling up the commander) – commander menu -> traits -> spend points in building/economy/management sectors
  • Tap the “free” option in the top-right -> watch video ads for gold and speed-ups

So this would be all in this post on Crossfire Warzone tips, tricks, and guide for beginners. Got more tips, cheats, or tricks? Comment below.

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