Darkfire Heroes guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to Darkfire Heroes game? Master all of its core mechanics with this Darkfire Heroes guide available with tips, cheats & strategies

Darkfire Heroes guide tips, cheats  strategiesDarkfire Heroes guide: tips, cheats & strategy 

This article covers how to play Darkfire Heroes, build the best team, information on heroes, spells, and other things like game modes, currencies, acquiring heroes, etc. So, let’s get straight to the Darkfire Heroes guide and tips!

Getting Started With The Basics

Darkfire Heroes is a character collection game with campaign and arena game modes. In the campaign mode, you fight the enemies and earn the chests. In the arena mode, you compete with other players and earn keys to get the reward chests. 

Battle guide – for the battle, you have to set-up the team of heroes; you can choose five heroes in a team. Also, you have to select five spells. The goal in combat is to vanish all the enemies. Your heroes attack the enemies automatically. All you have to do is unleash their skills wisely. Also, use the spells at the right time. Characters gain energy as the battle progresses; tap their icons at the bottom to unleash the skills. For spells, you need mana points, which regenerate over time. Drag the spell(example; heal, poison, lightning, etc.) over the target. 

Get Familiar With Heroes & Spells

In Darkfire Heroes, characters have unqiue abilities; special ability, and skills. Also, they are of many types; tank, healers, supporters, and damage dealers. Damage dealers do great damage to the enemies. Healers provide healing to allies. Tank characters lead from the front. Supporters buff the allies. Go to the heroes section and check each hero’s details by tapping their cards. You will get the details such as special ability, stats, grade, type, etc. 

Spells – go to the menu; cards -> spells. Spells are a great way to stop the enemies or provide support to the team. Each spell works differently. For example – the healing spell restores the health of allies. Daze spell reduces the enemy’s movement speed and attack power. In the spell tab, you can check all the spells that you have unlocked. Choose the ones that you like the most. 

Level Up To Unlock New Heroes & Spells

You can unlock heroes and spells by leveling up. How to level up in Darkfire Heroes? You need EXP. Obtain it by upgrading the hero or spell cards. To upgrade the hero, you will need its duplicates. Go to cards -> hero card -> level up -> get EXP. On the upper-left side, check the current level progress. 

Build The Best Team In Darkfire Heroes

We recommend adding two tanks, two damage dealers, and one healer in the team – this is the balanced team formation. You can do the experiment if you want. For example – you can go with x3 damage dealers, x1 tank, and x1 healer – you get more firepower with this team set-up. Or, go with x3 tanks, x2 damage dealers – more defense, decent damage – some tanks have healing skills. Or, go with x4 damage dealers and one healer or support. For the best heroes details, check this Darkfire Heroes tier list. 

How To Get Heroes & Spells Cards In Darkfire Heroes

You get the cards from the chests or from the daily deals section in the shop – get cards in exchange for the coins. You can get chests for free by playing the stages; play the campaign in normal and hard difficulty(campaign screen -> bottom-left side; choose the difficulty). Or, earn arena keys to get the chests. Also, do the quests and expedition for free chests. 

Get Free Gems And Cards In Darkfire Heroes

The best way to get gems, chests and coins in Darkfire Heroes game is by doing the quests and starting the expedition. On the battle screen, go to quests -> daily/weekly/campaign – all these quests give you gems or coins or chests. Start the expedition and you get a free chest every few hours. 

Join A Clan To Get A Clan Chest

Join an active clan. The clan chest gives free cards.

Getting Stronger In Darkfire Heroes

  • Level up heroes(cards -> heroes -> hero -> level up when you have enough duplicate cards)
  • Level up the spells(cards -> spells -> spell -> level up when you have enough duplicate cards)
  • Equip gears to the heroes(cards -> heroes -> hero -> tap the gear slot -> choose a gear -> equip)
  • Level up gears(cards -> heroes -> hero -> select the equipped gear -> level up using the gear shards)
  • Use essence to activate skills of heroes(cards -> heroes -> hero -> skill -> activate skill). 

Go to the item menu -> gears; there you can salvage gears for gear shards. Play elemental dungeon for elemental materials like essence. 

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  • Darkfire Heroes tier list

So that’s all we got in this post on Darkfire Heroes guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips to share? Comment below. 

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