DIGSTAR Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

DIGSTAR(Space Mining) is a brand new casual game for mobile by MetapsPlus Inc. Check out our DIGSTAR guide, tips, cheats & strategy

MetapsPlus Inc’s latest casual game DIGSTAR(Space Mining) lets you explore beautiful galaxies where you will mine the resources, sell them for coins, and set up own planet with a wide range of buildings. Additionally, you will research in the laboratory, hire creatures, and explore all the galaxies; The Milky Way, Fruit, Terrain, and Snacks. In each galaxy, there are eight planets to discover. If you are having the trouble understanding its mechanics, then our DIGSTAR guide and DIGSTAR tips, cheats & strategies will help you.


The challenge is to discover all the galaxies and unlock all the creatures, spacecraft. Recruiting creatures will cost you EXP. You earn EXP when you move to or discover a new galaxy. In addition to it, sending the creatures on town hall quests also reward EXP. To research spacecraft in the laboratory, you need crafting material, which can be obtained from the planets.

DIGSTARThe very first step you have to do is hire the miners to start the resources production on the planet. These miners mine resources, which you sell for coins. You can level up these miners by spending coins. Leveling up the miners increases DPS. As the DPS increases, mining speed gets increased. Sometimes, you obtain space capsules type bottle in mining. From this, you can get material required in research, building. At the edge of the planet, there would be spaceship launcher. Complete the missions to assemble the spaceship. Once assembled, you will be able to move to new sub-planets.DIGSTAR

After discovering all sub-planets, the game will ask you to select a galaxy to move. Depending on the galaxy, you will earn EXP. As you move over and over again, you will unlock new galaxies; Snacks.

At the top-left side, there would be a portal. Tap it to sell the coins and receive bonus coins. After using once, you will have to wait until its cooldown finishes. You can enhance this portal to improve the bonus coins reward.

So that’s the basics of DIGSTAR/Space Mining Game. Let’s learn step-by-step: –


Tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner and head to the laboratory. Here you can research new spacecraft by using material items(you get from the planets). Researching consumes time. Once discovered, head to the hanger tab -> there you can check all the spacecraft you have discovered so far.

All the spacecraft provide a different bonus. Tap the spacecraft -> equip. Equip the spacecraft to activate the bonus effect.

Creatures In DIGSTAR

DIGSTARDIGSTAR game features lots of creatures. You can use these creatures on your own planet in buildings/facilities(assign). Tap the menu button -> creature -> hire. It will cost you EXP.

Tapping the creature will give you the fusion option. Fuse multiple creatures to get a powerful creature.

How To Get EXP?

  • Move to a galaxy
  • Build town hall in the residence are -> complete the missions to get EXP
  • Missions/Achievement

My Planet

DIGSTARAfter reaching a certain point, you will unlock my planet feature. On the planet screen, at the bottom-left corner, tap the space center icon -> this will send you to the home planet where you can build buildings in three areas; laboratory area, residence area, and industrial area.

Tap any area to visit. Then tap the build button and select the desired building. To build buildings, you need EXP, lumber, steel, brick, and more resources. Complete the town hall missions to get these resources. Additionally, you can obtain these resources from the planets.

Emergency Escape

In the menu -> options, there is an option named Emergency Escape. It lets you escape the current galaxy and move to another one. But you will not get any rewards. When you move to a galaxy, hired miners will disappear. So you will have to hire them again.

So that’s all for now as DIGSTAR Guide. Let’s take a look at our top DIGSTAR tips, cheats & strategy.

DIGSTAR Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Watch To Earn Cookies

The cookie is the rare in-game item in DIGSTAR game. If you want free, then head to the options section in the game’s menu. There you will find a free offer; free cookies. You can accept this offer three times a day to get free cookies. All you need to do is tap it and watch the video ad.

2.) Hunt The EXP, It’s Important

After cookies, the next rare in-game item in the game is EXP. You need EXP to assemble spacecraft, hire creatures, enhancing the portal, and more. If you want more, then move to a new galaxy by building the spaceship. Additionally, complete the missions, achievements to earn EXP.

3.) Complete The Missions

Tap the town hall building at your planet -> tap the building icon -> select a mission -> select the creatures. This is like an expedition function. In each mission, there is a selection criterion. For example; In high-star missions, you need powerful creatures. Tap the mission -> under the quest condition section, you can check the requirements. After it, head to the playing tab -> there you can check ongoing missions. Once completed, you will get the reward.

4.) Tap Those Candies, Space Capsule Bottles

In addition the resources, miners also extract a number of resources from the planet. Tap the bubble icons to receive the reward. Collecting the candies/star will fill the fever gauge. Once filled, a mini-game will open in which you have to tap the balls. Tap as many balls as you can to acquire loads of coins.

5.) Use The Portal

For bonus coins reward, make sure to use the portal. Since you can not use it instantly over and over again, make sure to use it when you have loads of resources to sell.

So these are the top basic DIGSTAR tips for the beginners. If you have more tips, then share with others in the comment section below.

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