Dragon Epic Idle & Merge Codes – How To Get And Redeem Codes?

Dragon Epic Idle & Merge is a beautiful mobile game where players build their dragon team and fight in PvE. Read on for Dragon Epic codes – how to get, redeem code

Dragon Epic Idle and MergeONESOFT, one of the popular mobile game developers recently expanded the game portfolio with a brand new release of Dragon Epic Idle  Merge Game. If you go to the settings by tapping the menu button, you will see the option to enter the code. First of all, these codes are not the cheat codes – they don’t pop out randomly or doing some tricky things in the game.

These are the fixed codes, which are posted by the developers of the game on their social media fan pages. This game has a Facebook Fan Page. If you tap the settings, you will see the option to join the group. It will take you to the FB where you can join Dragon Epic Idle & Merge group. Also, like the fan page. Developers often post the Dragon Epic codes there. 

Dragon Epic Codes – How To Get & Redeem: –

Code number 1 is “Stayhome“. It’s the latest Dragon Epic Idle and Merge code that you can redeem for exclusive gift packages featuring the free rewards. 

At the time of writing this post, these are the only Dragon Epic Idle and Merge Codes issued by the game developers. They might issue a new code soon on the Facebook Fan Page or FB group. So we recommend liking the game page(Dragon Epic on FB) and join the group from the link given in the settings. Keep an eye on the posts. On special events, they might post a new code. 

To redeem the code, you go to the settings and enter the code. And, tap the claim button. From the codes, you might get a gift package – packed with in-game items or dragons; stones, gems, gold coins, auto-play, hatching dragon egg booster, etc. 

As soon as they announce a new code, we will let you know by updating this post. If you know any code, comment below. 

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So this would be all in this post on Dragon Epic Codes info. 

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  1. Lol I got blue eyes from the first merge of the high tier dragon. I never use it. It’s more of a close range then a long range like the other dragons, but its effective when you need him.